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Natural plants have been used for medicinal purposes and healing remedies all around the world, long before the prehistoric

Healthy Medicinal Plant Garden

period. Ancient Unari manuscripts, Egyptian papyrus, and Chinese writings, described the use of herbs and plants long, long ago. Evidence exist that Unari Hakims. Indian Vaids, and European and Mediterranean cultures were using plants and herbs for over 4000 years as medicine.

Indigenous cultures such as Rome, Egypt, Iran, Africa, and America, used herbs in health rituals, while others developed traditional medical systems such as Urani, Ayurveda, and Chinese medicine in, which herbal therapies were used systematically. Nature is one of the best healing and teaching environments that has been used by every indigenous culture to reconnect with the Creator of all things, or with the Divine.

Nature is the world’s largest, most eclectic and expansive pharmacy, with literally millions of species at our disposal to locate, plant, cultivate, harvest and make use of in our everyday lives. And yet, most of us remain uninitiated into the highly practical and powerful realm of natural remedies that Nature herself offers to us with open hands. In a time when we are so materialistically centered, it is unsurprising that we often take for granted a gift that is so freely available.

Today we will focus on erectile dysfunction natural remedies on a select group of medicinal plants, along with other health and wellness benefits of each medicinal plant discussed. Modern science is agreeing more and more with the notion that our dissociation from nature is extremely harmful to our psyche and to our individual and collective development, and our health and well being.

From an official point of view, it’s good to look at Wikipedia’s definition on medicinal plants:

Medicinal plants, also called medicinal herbs, have been discovered and

Medicinal Plants For Your Health

used in traditional medicine practices since prehistoric times. Plant synthesize hundreds of chemical compounds for functions including defense against insects, fungi, diseases, and herbivorous animals. Numerous phytochemicals with potential or established biological activity have been identified.

However, since a single plant contains widely diverse phytochemicals, the effects of using a whole plant as medicine are uncertain. Further, the phytochemical content and pharmacological actions, if any, of many plants having medicinal potential remain unassessed, in many cases, by rigorous scientific research to defend efficacy and safety.

Read here for more information on medicinal plants from Wikipedia.

There are literally millions of natural plants and herbs on this bountiful earth, from vegetables that fight cancer and prevent colds, to herbs that treat indigestion, skin conditions and anxiety. There is a healing plant for almost everything and everyone here, as this article “100 Best Herbs For Your Health and Wellness“, from Nursing Degree.net, references. One area of research centers around the promising therapeutic benefits of the natural phytochemicals in medicinal plants, in providing relief for depression, according to the National Institutes Of Healthy study (NIH). Quoting the study:

Healthy Phytonutrient-Rich Medicinal Plants

Use of phytomedicine may be an alternative option for the treatment of depression in case conventional drugs are not applicable due to their side effects, low effectiveness, or inaccessibility. However, the efficacy and safety of these phytomedicine treatments for depression have to be supported by clinical studies.

Another NIH study showed that a high dietary intake of phytochemicals with vegetables, fruits, nuts, legumes, and whole grain is associated with a reduced risk for cardiovascular and other diseases. Still another review study by ScienceDirect, references various studies on plant phytochemical, or polyphenols, as an attractive source of eco-friendly, relatively inexpensive and widely available new broad-spectrum antimicrobials, and their beneficial health benefits.

Still not convinced?  Here is one more study by Harvard Health confirming the human health benefits of phytochemicals and other bioactive plant compounds contained in plants.

We’re still just learning about them. The science is ongoing. But they may help fight cancer and heart disease,

says Debbie Krivitsky, director of clinical nutrition at the Cardiovascular Disease Prevention Center at Harvard-affiliated Massachusetts General Hospital.

You should try to eat a varied diet.

Krivitsky recommends,

“Eating a rainbow” — many kinds of colorful fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, and seeds — in order to scoop up as many different phytochemicals as possible.They all do different things and they complement each other. So one might block a carcinogen [something that causes cancer], and another might interfere with cancer cell replication.

Most of these medicinal plants can be dried, powdered, made into tea, tinctures, soups, balms, and even soaps, syrups and salves, to treating every imaginable health issue one could encounter. We will discuss only 10 of the best natural healing plants and herbs, all backed up by scientific research, in our review:

Milk Thistle

Since milk thistle also has estrogen-like effects, its benefits for increasing fertility in men would need to be studied well in humans. Although men need healthy levels of estrogen to maintain fertility and sexual health, phytoestrogens that over activate estrogen receptors usually reduce libido in men and increase the risk of erectile dysfunction (ED), and not reduce it. Milk thistle is used to treat liver conditions and high cholesterol, and to reduce the growth of cancer cells. Milk thistle is a plant that originated in the

Medicinal Plant Milk Thistle

Mediterranean region. It has been used for many different illnesses over the last several thousand years, especially concerning liver problems. Although study results are uncertain, some promising information exists. It’s anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, suggest that it is possibly neuro-protective and could help prevent the decline in brain function you experience as you age.

It could used as a possible remedy for neurological conditions like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. However, there are currently no human studies examining the effects of milk thistle in people with Alzheimer’s or other neurological conditions like dementia and Parkinson’s.


Considered by some to be a cure-all, chamomile is commonly used in the U.S. as ananxiolytic and sedative for anxiety and relaxation. When the mind is subject to nervous tension, it cannot take pleasure in anything, including sex. For the person to enjoy sex, both the body and mind need to be free from stressful conditions. This relaxant property of chamomile may help men suffering from performance anxiety, or ED, in a sexual situation.

In this way, by alleviating stress and inducing the right mood for love, chamomile may aid the course of love, although there are not any confirmed studies on it.  It is used in Europe for wound healing and to reduce inflammation or swelling. Few studies have looked at how well it

Medicinal Plant Charomile

works for any condition. Chamomile is used as a tea or applied as a compress. It is considered safe by the FDA. It may increase drowsiness caused by medicines or other herbs or supplements. Chamomile may interfere with the way the body uses some medicines, causing too high a level of the medicine in some people. As with any medicinal herb, talk with your healthcare provider before taking it.


The Online Journal of Biological Sciences referenced a study done in Thailand, which found that ginseng rhizome extract improved erectile response (ED) in older men. While the effects were encouraging, they were not as pronounced as the results from prescription medications. Ginger is used to ease nausea and motion sickness. Research suggests that ginger can relieve nausea caused by pregnancy or chemotherapy. According to a review of 12 studies that included a total of 1,278 pregnant women, 1.1-1.5 grams of ginger can

Medicinal Plant Ginger

significantly reduce symptoms of nausea, like morning sickness. Other areas under investigation are use in surgery and for nausea caused by motion. Reported side effects include bloating, gas, heartburn, and nausea.

Siberean Ginseng

Ginseng is used as a tonic and an aphrodisiac, treatment of erectile dysfunction, and even as a cure-all. The results in the referenced study are inconclusive. “The use of ginseng appears to be important for the development of novel therapeutics or to increase the effectiveness of the current treatment strategies for male reproductive diseases or disorders. However, its molecular mechanisms of action remain elusive.” Research is uncertain how well it works, partly because of the difficulty in defining “vitality” and “quality of life.”, and because there

Medicinal Plant Siberean Ginseng

is a large variation in the quality of ginseng sold. Traditional healers have used Siberian ginseng , not to be confused with panax ginseng, to fight fatigue, maximize physical performance, and improve overall immunity and longevity. Research backs their practices. Looking to up your endurance? In one study, Siberian ginseng increased subjects’ time to exhaustion by more than 500%. Other research shows that it can improve resistance to both cognitive and physical fatigue.

There’s also promising evidence that this Adaptogen has immunity-boosting effects and can increase t-cell count. Side effects are high blood pressure and tachycardia. It’s considered safe by the FDA, but shouldn’t be used with warfarin, heparin, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicines, estrogens, corticosteroids, or digoxin. People with diabetes should not use ginseng.


Echinacea is commonly used to treat or prevent colds, flu, and infections, and for wound healing, and is not any documented evidence that it has effect in aiding ED. More than 25 published studies looked at how well Echinacea worked

Medicinal Plant Enchinacea

to prevent or shorten the course of a cold, but none were conclusive. A 2014 study compared Echinacea with a placebo for treating colds. Results found that Echinacea did not have any effect on a cold. Other studies have also shown that long-term use can affect the body’s immune system. It should not be used with medicines that can cause liver problems. People allergic to plants in the daisy family may be more likely to have an allergic reaction to Echinacea. The daisy family includes ragweed, chrysanthemums, marigolds, and daisies.


Chaga mushrooms can be found growing in the forest on birch trees resembling a large clump of dirt. But the benefits of this fungus are believed to be astounding. Those who live in Russia and Siberia have used this adaptogenic mushroom for thousands of years. Known as folk medicine in the past, chaga extract is purported to help support optimal cardiovascular health, and may help with ED, though there are not any clinical studies to confirm this theory.

Chaga is now being recognized in research and has shown its power in supporting cellular health. Chaga is rich in antioxidants and has shown to support apoptosis, or cell death. A study performed on mice in 2016 showed that using an

Medicinal Fungi Chaga

extract of Chaga reduced tumor size by 60%. Multiple studies performed on mice have shown that Chaga suppresses tumor growth in liver cancer, lung cancer, and breast cancer. It can even support the immune system during chemotherapy.

Numerous mice studies have observed a positive effect of Chaga on diabetes. Not only does Chaga lower blood glucose levels, but also cholesterol and triglycerides. Stress causes a substantial amount of harm to the body leading to many different diseases. Chaga has been shown to reduce oxidative stress by almost 55%.

Not only is it believed to support digestive issues, it could be a beneficial supplement to reduce oxidative stress in general. While mushrooms are not part of what is a healthy diet, well-sourced, high-quality medicinal mushrooms do serve a purpose as supplement. You shouldn’t, however, eat mushrooms as part of your meal plan.


Dandelions are more than just an annoying weed, they can also be an effective way to help control high blood pressure. Researchers think it works like many prescription

Medicinal Plant Dandelion

medicines, decreasing your blood volume and thereby your blood pressure. Dandelion contains high levels of the antioxidant beta-carotene, which is known to provide strong protection against cellular damage and oxidative stress. There are reports that dandelions can effect the blood absorption rate making the blood chambers in the penis larger to accept more blood, aiding ED. Evidence suggests that natural remedies that contain antioxidants increases the production of nitric oxide, a chemical that helps blood vessels remain healthy and dilated, according to Dr. Davis Meldrum, MD.

It may be effective in reducing inflammation caused by disease due to the presence of various bio-active compounds like polyphenols within the plant. Some test-tube studies have revealed significantly reduced inflammation markers in cells treated with dandelion compounds.

Test tube and animal studies show that these compounds can improve insulin secretions from the pancreas while simultaneously improving the absorption of glucose (sugar) in muscle tissue. This process leads to improved insulin sensitivity and reduced blood sugar levels. If you suffer from a large amount of fluid retention around your time of the month, consider taking dandelion. It has natural diuretic properties that help eliminate excess fluids.


Although still illegal in many countries due to its potent psychoactive properties, Marijuana has been used to successfully treat and/or cure certain medical conditions. Studies examining the effects of cannabis use on male sexual function have been limited in both quality and quantity. Most results of these studies are conflicting and contradictory.

While some did outline the beneficial effects of cannabis in enhancing ED function, others did not. However, recent animal and in vitro studies have identified potential links between cannabis and sexual health. It appears that cannabis may actually have peripheral antagonizing effects on ED by stimulating specific receptors in the cavernous tissue.

Medicinal Plant Marijuana

It has also been used to treat glaucoma, high blood pressure, arthritis, depression, anxiety, HIV, cancer, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy and various other illnesses and disorders. It has potent sedative, anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties.


Ashwagandha is an evergreen shrub that grows in India, the Middle East, and parts of Africa. Its roots and orange-red fruit have been used for hundreds of years for medicinal purposes. The herb is considered one of the most important herbs in the Ayurvedic medicine system, a healthcare practice that started in India over 3,000 years ago. It’s an herb that helps maintain youth, both mentally and physically, and it’s used to treat conditions such as arthritis, constipation, insomnia, stress, fevers, snake bites, and memory loss.

Several human studies show that ashwagandha decreases anxiety, stress,

Ashwagandha Medicinal Plant

c-reactive protein and cortisol. The decrease in cortisol is worth talking about, especially when you compare the effects of ashwagandha to those of other stress-reducing supplements. Studies show ashwagandha decreased stress 14.5-27.9% in healthy but stressed people.

Another cool thing about ashwagandha is that it shows promise in improving memory formation. This could be important in research for treating Alzheimer’s patients. More large human studies are needed to show how and why this Adaptogen might be effective, but there is research to suggest that ashwagandha could reverse the effects of neurological toxins associated with neuro-degenerative diseases. Ashwagandha was not effective in the management of Psychogenic Erectile Dysfunction when compared with a placebo.

Peruvian Maca Root

One of the most effective natural plants when it comes to not only erectile dysfunction natural remedies, but also many other wide-ranging health benefits is the Peruvian Maca root, which is native to Peru? This plant has the colloquial name of “Peruvian ginseng” because of its ability to boost energy and fertility, as Chinese ginseng. It grows in mountainous regions of the Andes at high altitudes.

Limited trials suggested a significant positive effect of Maca on sexual dysfunction, increasing the desire in healthy menopausal women or healthy adult men. One of the most common issues concerning sexual ED is a low sex drive. The good news is that P Maca has long been known to help increase the libido of people of all genders. People of all genders report that

Medicinal Plant Adaptogen-Peruvian Maca

taking a P Maca supplement helped increase their sex drive and improve their sex lives overall. These claims are supported by peer-reviewed scientific research studies. In a 12-week study, scientists found that when people were given a daily P Maca supplement, they reported an improved sex life and a higher sex drive compared to groups given a placebo supplement. A second similar study supports these results and posits that these effects are usually seen after 6 weeks of consistently taking the P Maca supplement.

Men’s fertility depends on both the sperm count, or the amount of sperm a man ejaculates, as well as, the sperm motility, which is the sperm’s ability to move to fertilize an egg. The good news is that P Maca can improve both sperm count and sperm motility. One study showed that P Maca can improve sperm quality and quanity in both fertile and infertile men.

There’s also evidence to suggest that supplementing P Maca with a healthy diet can help improve female fertility as well. Studies also show that P Maca can help regulate and balance estrogen levels, which can also help to increase fertility.

Antioxidants are responsible for protecting your body from, well, oxidants. What does that mean? Oxidation and free radicals can cause significant damage to your cells, your DNA, and your body in general. This type of damage can lead to abnormal cell growth, like cancer, strokes, heart attacks, and more. P Maca powder has the ability to boost the number of antioxidants in your body, including superoxide dismutase and glutathione.

This will help keep you free of disease and cell damage that can be caused by free radicals and other oxidizing agents. One study showed that P Maca will both increase

Healing Plant Peruvian Maca In the High Andes

antioxidants, as well as, decrease the amount of harmful cholesterol and fat. Other studies P Maca has the ability to boost the number of antioxidants in your body, including superoxide dismutase and glutathione. This will help keep you free of disease and cell damage that can be caused by free radicals and other oxidizing agents.

P Maca root can help improve your energy and reduce fatigue. Regular P Maca users report that it makes them feel energized, awake, and motivated. While the exact mechanism that makes P Maca an energy booster is still unknown, the number of testimonials reporting these effects are undeniable. Some believe that the amount of dense nutrients and vitamins within P Maca contributes to the feeling of having more energy.

Your immune system is your body’s defense against harmful intruders, such as allergens, viruses, bacteria, parasites, toxins, etc. If your immune system is weakened or not supported by a healthy diet, you’ll be more likely to get an infection, feel fatigued, and get sick. The high micronutrient content in P Maca root powder will help your immune system function to the best of its ability. Iron will be particularly helpful in helping your blood cells, a key component of the immune system, work properly.

P Maca also has an impact on hormonal balance in the body as well. We mentioned its ability to balance and regulate estrogen, but estrogen isn’t the only hormone P Maca affects. It’s also been shown to help regulate the stress hormone cortisol and adrenaline.

Both of these hormones are involved in immune health, too much cortisol has been linked to a weakened immune system, while proper adrenaline levels have been linked to healthy immune reactions. P Maca works to balance and regulate both of these hormones, which will help your immune system function properly to fight off infection and disease.

With all of these amazing benefits, it’s no wonder that people are referring to P Maca root as a Super Food. The medicinal properties combined with the high nutrient

Healthy Red and Cream Peruvian Maca

density and the psychological benefits make this little root an amazing addition to a healthy diet. P Maca has so many wide-ranging benefits, can you believe we’ve only covered about half of them! For more information on P Maca and these other benefits, which include, relieving symptoms of menopause, mood and mind improvement, bone health, and improve memory and learning ability, read the following reviews:





In summation, it should go without saying, supplementation with a natural healing, medicinal plant, such as Peruvian Maca, should be done in conjunction with eating a natural fresh certified organic, non-GMO, well-balanced, nutrient-rich diet. These are the authorized affiliate links for purchasing the organic nutrient rich foods in the nutritious diet of the 4 major food groups including proteins, carbs, high-fiber and whole grains, low-fat dairy, and fruits and vegetables.

Proteins should be lean, grass-fed, organic, non-GMO, beef and Bison, lean, free-range, organic, non-GMO, pork, lamb, and poultry including chicken, turkey and duck. Lean protein should also be wild-caught, or cold-water fish and seafood, cage-free eggs (free-range), and organic nuts and seeds.

We hope you have found this article “Erectile Dysfunction Natural Remedies” helpful, and you give credence to the documented evidence, such as “The Historical Review Of Medicinal Plants’ Usage“, published by The National

Peruvian Maca Farmer Of the Andes

Center Of Biotechnology (NCBI), of the beliefs and practices of the ancients cultures in regards to their use of medicinal herbs and healing plants for sustaining health and well being. Your comments or questions are welcomed. Place an order for PERUVIAN MIGHTY MACA.

We’ll close with a couple of famous natural medicinal healing quotes:


Nature itself is the best physician.


Doctors put drugs of which they know little into their bodies of which they know less for diseases of which they know nothing at all!

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