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There are many variables affecting an individual’s occupational health and well being in a job or career, but generally, it involves negative situations such as no clear mission, dissension, lack of proper training, poor communication and general dysfunction occurring among the employees and staff.

As an example of the importance of open communication, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) study cited the importance of communication and team collaboration in a hospital setting in promoting optimal patient care.  During the course of a 4-day hospital stay, a patient may interact with 50 different employees, including physicians, nurses, technicians, and others.  Team collaboration and communicating effectively, are essential in patient care.

Experiencing occupational wellness occurs as a result of you maintaining positive relationships and open communication with colleagues, managing work-place stress, and having a safe and healthy work-place environment.  And, whether your work suits you, inspires you, and stimulates you.  These are the factors we will address in How To Find Jobs Online.   To begin, a great working environment should exhibit the following characteristics:

Great Working Environment Characteristics

Strong Company Mission. A great workplace has a clearly outlined purpose for existing and employees have a clear understanding what role they play in the company’s mission.  According to Wikipedia on a “Mission Statement” ,

A Precise Company Mission Statement

The reason why businesses make use of mission statements is to make it clear what they look to achieve as an organization, not only to themselves and their employees but to the customers and other people who are a part of the business.

Autonomy versus Teamwork.  A great business concept is to allow employees the freedom and flexibility to uses their creative talents and abilities for advancement of the company as part of the team concept, but also, as a result, keeping the employees motivated individually to perform their tasks well.  The NIH in this study, confirmed the vital importance of motivating employee participation in advancing company goals.

Company Innovation Avoids Stagnation.  A company’s ability to always be looking for new innovative ideas and advancements and involve their employees in the process and reward them for their contributions, is a very desirable benefit.  According to Harvard Business School, innovation involves risk and reward, change and failure, but innovation has to occur in constantly changes times, for any company’s survival.

Communication and Feedback.  As cited above in the NIH study, open communication between employees and management is key in fostering cooperation and addressing problem areas.

Happy Company Team Players

According to a Harvard Business Review, communication drives performance.  Quoting the Watson Wyatt study:

Effective internal communications can keep employees engaged in the business and help companies retain key talent, provide consistent value to customers, and deliver superior financial performance to shareholders.

Enhances Community Spirit.  It’s important to make employees feel they are a vital part of a group of highly successfully people having the same common goals and desires.  According to a review published in the Career Development Quarterly, community spirit safeguards employee’s development of personal meaning, fulfillment, well-being, and transcendence through work.

Additional Training and Resources.  Provide the necessary training for improving employee skills for individual and company advancement.  According to the Association For Talent Development (ATD), companies that offer comprehensive training programs have 218 percent higher income per employee than companies without formalized training.  But it doesn’t stop there.

These companies also enjoy a 24 percent higher profit margin than those who spend less on training. At the root of these fantastic results is increased employee productivity, which in turn is driven by the skills advancements made possible through employee training and development. As it turns out, training is one of the most effective things that a company can do to increase productivity.

Healthy Work Break Exercise

Options for Relaxation Breaks and Physical Activity.  One of the most positive ways to reduce stress in the workplace is exercise, and every able-bodied working adult should be getting at least 30 minutes of physical activity a day, per the CDC, enhancing health and avoiding illness which could effect company’s productivity.

Onsite gyms or employers offering employees a membership discount at a local gym. Short breaks are desirable too to reduce stress, even if it’s a 5 minute deep-breathing exercise (1) or a walk outside.

Values of Integrity.  Company should foster strong core values of honesty and integrity for management and employees.  Research from Robert Half Management Resources, found that both workers, at 75 percent, and CFOs (Chief Financial Officers), by 46 percent, named integrity as the most important attribute in a corporate leader.

Personal Work-Life Relationship

Occupational wellness is you having the ability to achieve and maintain a balanced and non-stressful work-life relationship.  Achieving well being in your career means being professionally-minded and productive, and at the same time, enjoying a great balance between work, family, and free time.  Work-life balance involves juggling workplace stress with the daily pressures of family, friends, and self.

Healthy Work-Life Relationship

Modern employees demand greater control over their lives and a bigger say in the structure of their jobs.  According to a Business Information review, the search for work-life balance is a process in which people seek to change things in accordance with changes in their own priorities, physical, psychological or both.  

It’s complicated and involves tackling the problem of increasing amounts of stress in the work-place as people try to juggle a wide range of factors in their life/work environment, including: work; family; friends; health; and spirit/self.  But, it is also enjoying a life style which is fulfilling and rewarding in both work and play.

It involves you continuing to pursue additional training, skills, and new techniques to further advance the growth and competitiveness of yourself, and the advancement of the business you are involved in. Studies, like this one, have shown that employees who have a positive work-life balance do a better job at work, so promoting this balance is beneficial to individuals and the company.

Long-term or unchecked stress in the work-life balance can cause burnout which is a continual state of physical and mental exhaustion, according to an American Journal of Nursing.  This state can cause employees to become disconnected from both work and home because they don’t have enough energy to sustain both lives.

Healthy engaging Business Employees

Importance of Meaningful Work and Life

It is a fundamental desire to have something meaningful to look forward to when you wake in the morning.  When you discover something that drives you forward, you develop a positive outlook on life.  You begin to see the future clearly. You have a reason to live.

People perceive their life as meaningful when they find coherence in the environment.  Given that meaning of life is tied to making sense of life events, people who lack meaning would be more threatened by stressful life events than those with a strong sense of meaning in life, according to a 2017 study published in the Journal of Positive Psychology.

Evidence also suggests that people who feel as if their lives are meaningful may choose more effective coping strategies when faced with a problem or challenge, such as arthritis patients who were undergoing knee replacement.  It turned out a strong sense of purpose before surgery was associated with more active coping and better physical health after surgery, according to the study in Sage Journals.

One 2014 study at the University of Colorado found a connection between a strong sense of purpose was associated with moving more in healthy physical activity, as measured by movement monitors worn by volunteers for three straight days.  We are sure you have noticed any time you meet someone new, what your response is to that question.

Happy Healthy Employee Relationship

If you are excited and eager to talk about it, it’s highly likely you have a meaningful, satisfying, fulfilling, and even challenging position or job, or career.  If, not, that should be a signal to you that something is not right?

Unfortunately, it seems, there are many people who look at working as a “have to activity”, rather than a “want to activity”.   If your attitude is you have to go to work because you need the money, you are likely in the wrong business, or in the wrong position.  According to a 2013 Pew research Poll, 43 percent of Americans give their highest priority to having a job they enjoy doing and meaningful, “as extremely important.”

About a third of all adults consider job security, the ability to take time for family needs and good benefits to be equally valuable.  However, only 23 percent felt opportunity for advancement was important, and only 18 percent felt higher pay was important.  Many people often don’t pay enough attention to work relationships and the effect it is having on them, which seems contrary to the poll results.  If your occupational work-life well being is out of balance, it can adversely effect you physically, mentally, and emotionally, and in every area of your life.

Managing Your Work and Your Life

Your healthy overall well being relies heavily on your choice of work or a career.  You spend a minimum of a third of your twenty-four hour day at work, which is a very significant amount of your day.  So, you should choose wisely in deciding on a job or career, and it should be one that is challenging, but rewarding, and once that brings balance in your life.

Healthy Work-Life Balance and Happy Healthy-Kids-and Parents

According to a Harvard Business Review, senior employees manage work and home life, and make deliberate choices about which opportunities they’ll pursue and which they’ll decline, rather than simply reacting to emergencies.  Successful executives and employees can and do engage meaningfully with work, family, and community.

They’ve discovered through hard experience that prospering in the senior ranks is a matter of carefully combining work and home so as not to lose themselves, their loved ones, or their foothold on success.  Those who do this most effectively involve their families in work decisions and activities.  They also vigilantly manage their own human capital, endeavoring to give both work and home their due, over a period of years, not weeks or days.

Is It The Right Job Or Career Path?

If you choose the proper career path, or the correct job, and you’ll know eventually, if you’re really paying attention, you will be in total alignment!  The experience will be enjoyable and pleasant to you, fulfilling, coherent, affirmative, informative, rewarding financially and socially, bringing a feeling of accomplishment, with no misconceptions or regrets.

It is very simple, if you end up doing what you are meant to do, you immediately will deepen your sense of meaning and purpose, promoting satisfaction and enrichment of your entire life. In a Harvard Business Review study across 5 generations, researchers discovered that while the definition of meaningful work varied from group to group, 3 statements were regularly used by all groups:

  • Meaningful work is intrinsically motivated
  • Meaningful work creates lasting relationships
  • Meaningful work helps others

If we wanted to put all these statements into one succinct definition of meaningful work, we could say:

A meaningful career is one where we feel an authentic connection between the work we do and a broader life purpose beyond the self.

Great Healthy Employee Working Relationship

You will naturally convey your value through your involvement in activities that are gratifying for you, in terms of ambition, position, and performance.  One of the key findings, according to NIH, is that personal purpose and goals, when aligned to a company vision, appear to impact motivation and engagement in different ways.

When alignment is felt through the sense of the greater purpose, there is a deep, almost spiritual, commitment to making the world a better place and helping the organization contribute to that.  Quoting the study:

When alignment is felt through the organization’s alignment to one’s personal goals, there is a great sense of commitment to completing the steps or tasks necessary to move toward the vision, yet a clear delineation between work and life ambitions.

No Such Thing As A Perfect Job

Understanding that there are no perfect jobs is an important factor of  How To Find Jobs Online.   According to Harvard Business Review “Stop fantasizing about the perfect job” because it doesn’t exist.  Why would it be different in a job than any thing else in life? We learn not to limit ourselves to perfect when it comes to choosing holidays, houses, or partners, so why are we obsessed with the idea of a job that will fill all our fantasies about work?  There are certain aspects of every job or career that you may not like.

Healthy Productive Team Effort

Every job or career has drawbacks or activities you don’t particularly enjoy doing.  You should focus on the desirable or positive aspects of your job or career, rather than the negative or undesirable aspects, which will prevent feelings of frustration and unwanted stress.  We all know or have heard how important it is to maintain a positive attitude, as hundreds of studies have confirmed, such as this Mayo Clinic study “Stop Negative Self-Talk To Reduce Stress”, and it’s no different for focusing on the positive aspects of a career position.

Is Work Over Consuming and Becoming Unhealthy?

Another occupational negative impact, which can effect your overall well being, is taking on greater responsibility or placing unreasonable demands on yourself.  This is also true for assuming greater responsibility, or work load in your job or career, placing you under additional pressure, and leading to you experiencing frustration and stress.  Tension, conflict, and failure will occur when you attempt to tackle multiple roles or a greater work load, if you don’t have enough hours, resources, and support to complete the task, not to mention, your health.

One example of this is, if you increased your hours without significant results, the longer hours are probably decreasing your productivity, according to 2014 Stanford Research.  The study found that people who worked 70 hours per week didn’t actually get more work done than their peers who worked 56 hours.  Once you’re in this cycle, you’re most likely not sleeping well either.

Healthy Employee-Management Work Environment

According to one 2013 PLOS ONE study,  sleep restriction increased the amount of inflammatory compounds in the body associated with conditions like asthma, diabetes, and heart disease.   Another PLOS ONE study, found that workers who logged 11 hours a day were more likely to battle depression than those who worked 8 hours.  According to Mayo Clinic, chronic work stress can release the hormone cortisol which plays havoc on the heart, increasing your risk of stroke, coronary heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and even cancer.

Questions you should ask yourself about your job or your career

  • Is there good management, and a functioning, efficient, and pleasant working environment?
  • Can you openly discuss questions, or concerns, or problems, with supervisors or management?
  • Do you get along with co-workers and/or receive cooperation from co-workers?
  • Are you making progress and is there a program in place for recognition and advancement?
  • Is there programs for additional training or additional studies?
  • Are you eager to go to work every day? Are you excited?
  • Is your work-home relationship healthy and in balance?  Do you have enough leisure time?
  • healthy-respect-between-employee-and-leaders
    Healthy Respect Between Employee and Leaders

    Are there incentives and is the income adequate?

  • Is it a healthy physical environment with few instances of employee illnesses and absences?
  • Are you going to remain with the company or your business until retirement age?
  • If you have a deadline to make, are you required to bring work home? How do you feel about that?
  • How is your stress level when you leave work for the day?

If the majority of your answer are affirmative to above questions, the only exception being experiencing some stress, your occupational well being is in good balance and should not effect your overall health and well being.

A Couple Activities To Relieve Stress

Physical Activity.  If you are experiencing high stress levels during your work day, you should incorporate some type of physical activity into your workday, particularly, if you have a desk job.  Here is one way you can do that.  Research at the Atlantic revealed that scientists have found the perfect work-break schedule for employees.  Per the research, work for 52 minutes, and take a 17 minute break to stand up, walk, particularly outside, deep-breathe, or do a few aerobics.

Deep Breathing Exercise can help you relax and re-center yourself, because it make your body feel like it does when you are already relaxed. Deep breathing is one of the best ways to lower stress in the body, according to a Harvard Medical School Review.

Healthy Deep Breathing Exercise

Deep abdominal breathing encourages full oxygen exchange, that is, the beneficial trade of incoming oxygen for outgoing carbon dioxide.  Not surprisingly, it can slow the heartbeat and lower or stabilize blood pressure, as well.  Breath focus helps you concentrate on slow, deep breathing and aids you in disengaging from distracting thoughts and sensations, calming you down.  Take 4 or 5 deep breaths any time during the work day whenever needed.

Be Sociable and Have Fun.  Enjoy friends and social connections and have some fun.  A 10-year study of 1,500 older adults was conducted at the Center of Age Studies at Flinders University.  The study results demonstrated that those who enjoyed a gratifying and lucrative job or career, and also enjoyed a large network of family and friends, outlived the others with the least social connections and those employed in dead-end jobs, by 22 percent.

For the majority of people, at least one-third of their lives are spent working in a job or their own business.  We would assume, you are no different.  So, with that much time of your life spent working, it is very important that you are in a job situation you enjoy, which is fulfilling and rewarding to you, and makes you happy.

Incredible Healthy Nutrient-Dense Variety Of Food

Maintaining a Balanced Occupational Well Being in Your Work or Career

  • Remain positive and motivated with a desire to grow and advance
  • Seek additional training and skills for advancement
  • Focus on the benefits and positive aspects
  • Establish open and honest communication and cooperation with associates
  • Have strong social ties and make a good friend at work
  • Don’t take on more responsibility than you can handle
  • Have a good balance with work activity and leisure activity
  • Have flexible hours and feasible goals
  • Use your creativity at work and be innovative
  • (A)  Eat fresh healthy foods to maintain healthy nutrition, with the emphasis on “fresh”
  • Seek counseling if necessary, or change your career situation
  • (B)  As added assurance, supplement your diet regularly with a natural, organic, whole food, or Super Food like Peruvian Maca.  For more in depth information on this incredible plant, read this article WHAT’S HEALTHY LIVING?.

(A) For meals eat fresh, organic, well-balanced nutrient-dense foods, such as grass-fed finished lean meats, fresh, organic, free-range finished poultry, grass-fed finished dairy and eggs (A); fresh cold-water or wild-caught fish and seafood (A); fresh organic fruits, vegetables, raw nuts, and seeds (A); and organic whole grains and complex carbohydrates, natural fermented foods, monounsaturated oils like extra virgin olive oil, fresh organic herbs and spices, and antioxidant drinks, infused water, naturally fermented red wine and beer, and fruit and veggie smoothies (A). And, reward yourself with a piece of dark chocolate for a snack! Yes, that’s right, dark chocolate, not milk chocolate (A).

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Now that you know How To Find Jobs Online and the importance of maintaining a well-balanced occupational well being in your job or career and your home life, are you ready to take action.?   We recommend you read this article “Dream Job Search Here.

If you would like more information, questions, or have comments please leave them below.

(1) City of Hope Video

(A) Follow these links for more information, more documented studies, and to purchase any of these incredible nutrient-dense foods.