In a previous article “What Is Stress Relief“, we discussed in depth, all the wide-ranging, many incredible benefits this Adaptogen provides to your Endocrine System and hormones, replenishing them and keeping them in balance, and relieving chronic stress. Today we are continuing a more in depth discussion on the many benefits this incredible natural healing plant can offer, and particularly, proven solutions on how to stress relief.

According to Wikipedia, hormonal imbalance occurs when a particular gland, due to external influences such as chronic stress,  either under-produces or over-produces hormonal secretions, causing miscommunication between organs and tissues for physiological regulation and behavioral activities, such as digestion, metabolism, respiration, tissue function, sensory perception, sleep, exertion, lactation, stress, growth and development, movement, reproduction, and mood.  For more detailed information on the endocrine system and hormone imbalance from Wikipedia, read here.


Menopause is an inevitable occurrence for all women sometime around the age of fifty, if not before. With the onset of Menopause, estrogen levels naturally begin to decline. One of the negative effects of lower estrogen levels is how it affects bone

Menopause Discomforts
density, by reducing it, which will ultimately, lead to Osteoporosis, if prolonged and not corrected.

Many women rely on HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) to treat the symptoms of Menopause, but HRT has some very undesirable side effects and can lead to very serious health issues, such as Breast Cancer, Heart Disease, stroke, and blood clots. Just one more piece of evidence that the use of unnatural remedies or substances, usually cause more harm than good. This healing plant, however, will assist your body naturally, to produce and regulate all your Endocrine System’s hormones, including replenishing estrogen if it is deficient, without all the negative side effects associated with HRT. One study done in 2006 concluded by using this natural Adaptogen, it replenished estrogen levels in Menopause women, preventing bone loss density and Osteoporosis.

Poor Diet, Mental Fog, Lethargic and Exhaustion

This Adaptogen is a natural healing, complete and perfectly balanced, whole “Super Food”, which can restore your

healthy happy woman

nutritionally-deprived body to good physical health, due to eating improperly, by providing your body a nutrient-dense whole-food, and re-mineralizing poorly nourished bodies. Let’s look at its balanced nutritional composition: 60% Carbs, 10-14% Protein, 9% Fiber, 19 free fatty acids, 7 essential amino acids, including linoleic, palmitic, and oleic, and steric acids, Vitamins C, B1, B2, B3, D, and Niacin, Minerals Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium, Sulfur, Trace Minerals Zinc, Copper, Iodine, Selenium, Manganese, and Silica, Phytonutrients, several Glucosinolates (having anti-fungal and anti-cancer properties), and two unique substances found in no other plant species, Macaenes and Macamides.

This superfood plant will assist your body by boosting your energy level, giving you sustainable energy, increasing your strength and resistance, and improve your exercise and physical performance, and add mass to your muscles and also tone your muscles, while increasing your endurance, as well. It’s popularity has grown with fitness buffs, body builders, and exercise freaks. This super plant works differently than other energizers on the market. It contains no caffeine, or processed sugars (contains natural fruit sugars), or synthetic energy enhancers. Your energy reserve is restored naturally, in a sustained manner, without any undue stress placed on your adrenal gland, as is the case with energy enhancers.

At the end of this article, you will have a better understanding of this healing plant’s Adaptogen-beneficial characteristics, by allowing your body, through a normalizing affect, to adapt to, and resist and cope with stressors, preventing energy-robbing conditions from developing, and through immune resistance, not allowing for illness, infections, and disease to occur from microorganisms.

When you’ve learned how to stress relief, your exhausted body can be returned to good emotional health

Healthy Balanced Hormones
with the use of this healing plant by regulating and balancing the endocrine system and the hormones, particularly adrenal gland fatigue, increasing your body’s ability to cope with stress and alleviate it, and as a result, your natural energy level is restored. Another study completed in 2003 showed this wonderful plant can restore your body’s energy level even in another way, through calming the nervous system.

This natural healing Maca plant has shown in lab tests to be effective in relieving the negative impact of anxiety, depression, leveling mood swings, and boosting mental concentration, and mental recall. One study on mice in 2006 showed this healing plant has anti-depressant qualities. And, unlike prescription anti-depressant drugs, it did not show any of the negative side effects associated with anti-depressant drugs.

This whole food plant will also affect your brain in a very positive and profound way. In the same study with the mice, it was learned that the mice receiving this whole food supplement showed marked improvement in processing and storing new learned information more effectively, increasing the mice’s cognitive ability, in less than a month. Another study on mice, with induced mental-impairment was performed, the mice regained memory after being given this natural healing plant.

This result is profound because it was determined that the antioxidant properties and AcHE inhibitors found in this healing food, was very effective in restoring the loss of memory. It is a known fact that AcHE inhibitors are effective in restoring brain function such as learning, remembering, and motor functions. AcHE inhibitors are also effective in restoring damaging effects of Dementia, Schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s disease, and Parkinson’s disease.

Immune System and Blood Circulation

This Adaptogen root assists your body to maintain its natural rhythms. It also provides you with increased energy in restoring your immune system and resistance, and in promoting optimal blood circulation. More on blood circulation shortly. Micronutrient

Healthy Blood Circulation
deficiencies can weaken your immune system and resistance to disease and illness. For example, lower levels of the trace mineral Selenium increases your risk of bladder, breast, rectal, colon, and prostrate cancers. Lack of Vitamins A, B, C and D also weakens your immune system. Peruvian Maca contains the mineral Selenium and vitamins A, B, C, and D, plus all the other beneficial vitamins and minerals.

The proper performance of your blood stream, made up of arteries, which transfers oxygen-enriched blood and nutrients to each cell in your body, while your veins remove waste products and oxygen-depleted blood, is very important. Normally and ideally, your red blood cells which travel through your arteries, have a negative charge on the exterior of the cell, and a positive-charged center.

The reason for the negative outer charge is to prevent your red blood cells from sticking together forming thick, slow moving blood, placing too much of a demand and stress on your heart, allowing for oxygen-rich blood being circulated in your body, and preventing possibly very dangerous blood clots from forming.  Normally, each red blood cell, with its negative charge, repel each other, while flowing through your blood stream, facilitating the flow of blood. Like electrical charges in the blood cells always repel each other(two negative charges). However, would you be shocked if I told you, this healthy senerio is not the case with at least 80% of the population right this moment.

ph scale 7.4-ideal-for body

Have you ever heard of pH? pH plays such an important and critical role in the proper functioning of our blood circulation. Ph (potential hydrogen) is a measure of acidity or alkalinity of any given substance. pH is measured on a scale from 0, which is completely acidic, to 14, which is high alkaline, with neutral being 7. Ideally, a healthy person’s blood should be slightly alkaline with a pH of 7.4. In fact, all your bodily functions, for the exception of stomach acid, require a slightly alkaline environment to function properly.

If your blood becomes more acidic, medically referred to as anacidosis condition, which it is theorized that 80% of the population suffers with this condition today, many harmful and unhealthy events can effect your body negatively. Your red blood cells lose their identity, losing their negative charge, and preventing your red blood cells from repelling against each other, causing them to stick together, slowing and restricting your blood flow and creating the potential of clotting conditions. Your blood will not flow properly, depriving your cells of oxygen-enriched blood and nutrients, which causes irreputable damage, preventing your body from healing itself properly, and the onset of anemia usually occurs too.

And if that doesn’t raise an alarm with you, perhaps the following will. Once your blood and the environment of your body becomes acidic, another major problem can develop.  If you being unable to heal and you are also anemic now too, and that isn’t enough, then read on. Your body has literally thousands upon thousands of microorganism living on you and inside of you all the time, estimated to be at least ten times as much as the cells in your body.

Many of these organisms are there for a useful purpose and will not harm you, but

Unhealthy Microorganisms
many are not, and are there for their own purposes. Under normal healthy conditions, particularly when your blood has the proper pH of 7.4, all of these microorganisms will not pose a threat to your health. However, once your body enters the acidosis state leading to anemia, and your body’s immune system resistance declines, these harmful microorganisms will flourish, and multiplying, causing you great harm from infections, sickness, and disease.

Did you know cancer cells can not function, reproduce, and multiply in an alkaline environment? It has been demonstrated in laboratory tests that the lack of blood enriched oxygen, or anacepic anaerobic, encourages the growth and breeding of fungus, mold, bacteria, viruses, and disease, including cancer growth. That’s what happens when your blood becomes acidic.

Inflammation, Swelling, Discomfort, Joint and Muscle Pain

Inflammation is your body’s way of waging war. Sometimes, it is in response to an injury, or the introduction of

inflammation in the human body

infections, or microorganisms, like a virus, Other times, inflammation occurs due to emotional chronic stress, causing C-response proteins to develop, which can lead to more serious conditions like heart disease, and autoimmune disorders like Lupus, to be released in the blood stream. Chronic stress can also occur from external substances such as pollution and harmful chemicals, as well, leading to chronic inflammatory disorders.

In order to reduce chronic inflammation in your body, you have to alleviate stressors, and by limiting your exposure to pollutants or toxins, and by eating a nutritious alkaline-based (see ph 7.4 alkaline) diet, rich in fresh, and we can’t emphasize fresh enough, unprocessed, organic, nutrient-dense, vegetables and greens preferred, with no GMO’s (genetically modified foods). It’s important to understand that if a food is not eaten fresh, it loses approximately 40% of its nutritional value very quickly.

Avoid the use of processed sugars, trans fats, and reduce the intake of dairy and gluten type products. In addition, supplement your diet with this natural anti-inflammatory, healing Peruvian Maca plant, particularly, if you are unable to buy fresh foods, veggies, and fruits at least two-thirds of the year.

adaptogen healing plant

You should now readily see that maintaining an alkaline-base in your body is so vitally important in preventing a multitude of havoc-causing illnesses, infections, and diseases. To achieve the perfect anti-inflammatory diet, and your overall health and well being, you should consume fresh, nutrient-dense, non-GMO, foods in the forms of grass-fed beef, such as lean beef and bison, free-range or cage-free pork, lamb, and poultry (chicken, turkey, duck), and eggs, wild-caught fish and seafood, fresh nutrient-rich veggies, fruits, nuts, and seeds.

Even better yet, consider starting your own backyard garden and grow your own fresh, nutrient-dense, organic, non-GMO veggies, fruits, nuts, and edible seeds. You should also supplement with this Super Food, which is not only fresh and nutritious, but also possess antioxidants activity, chelating properties (detoxifying), nutrient-alkaline properties, and hormone regulating activity.  You have learned how to relieve stress from hormonal imbalance, and if you are ready to try it, you can on the link shown below.

Showing you how to stress relief, by healing the most dreadful symptoms of menopause, and hormonal imbalance, with natural, safe solutions, to achieve overall health and well being, is our goal. Have we succeeded?

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