In health and in fitness, isn’t just about nutrition and exercise. Eating nutritious foods, physical activity, and

nine dimensions to health and wellness

taking precautions not to get ill, are obvious components to overall health and well being. However, your health and well being is very complex, multifaceted and interconnected, and is influenced by nine different interdependent dimensions involved in your life, namely, Social, Physical, Emotional, Occupational (Financial), Environmental, Genetics, Intellectual, Aging, and Intellectual. Ideally, these dimensions should be in balance with each other, and you can achieve this healthy and well being balance, with a commitment, with a plan, and taking action. So, to answer your question, Can I get Healthy? Yes you can, beyond a shadow of doubt! So, let’s take a quick review of the nine dimensions. But, first, lets look at Wikipedia definition of health and fitness.

Wikipedia best describes health and fitness as, “is a state of health and well being, and more specifically, the ability to perform moving tasks, occupations, and daily activities, achieved through proper nutrition, moderate exercise, and sufficient rest.”  You can read more from Wikipedia here.

Physical Well Being

Your physical health and well being isn’t limited to exercise. It includes healthy, nutritious eating, proactively taking care of medical issues that arise, and maintaining healthy daily activities. There are five healthy behaviors that will assist you to substantially reduce the risks of major health issues such as Heart Disease, Diabetes, back pain, or other chronic conditions. These five very basic behaviors will go a long way in achieving and maintaining your health and well being:

  • Get 30 minutes of moderate physical activity at least five days a week.
  • Limit alcohol intake to one drink a day if you are a female, and two drinks a day, if you are a male.
  • Don’t smoke.
  • Eat a healthy, nutritious diet, the fresher it is the better, which includes five fruits and veggies a day. The foods in your diet should also be certified organic and GMO-free (*).
  • Supplement your diet with the best natural Adaptogen Super Food, healing plant, Peruvian Maca.
fresh maca root with leafy tops

Reduce your risk for chronic disease further by adapting daily stress relief practices, and sleeping at least seven hours a night.

Occupational Well Being (Financial)

Engage in work, or a career, that provides personal satisfaction and enrichment to you, and is consistent with your values, goals and lifestyle, and will keep you professionally healthy. After sleeping, you spend most of your time at work. So, ask yourself a question. Does your work motivate you, and let you use your ability to your full potential? If it doesn’t, you may need to re-evaluate how you spend your working hours. Even if you can’t change where you work, you can still change your approach to the stressors and challenges you may face.

Almost three out of four Americans surveyed in a recent American Psychological Association (APA) study, said they experienced financial stress, which can affect you physically, emotionally, and psychologically, and resulted in unhealthy coping behaviors. Financial well being includes being fully aware of your financial state, and budget, and managing your money to achieve realistic goals. When you analyze, plan well, and take control of your spending, you can make significant changes in how you save, and ultimately, how you feel.

Intellectual well being

intellectual well being

Just as your flexible body indicates physical health, a flexible mind, indicates intellectual health. When you are intellectual healthy, and always strengthening your intellect, you value lifelong learning, foster critical thinking, develop moral reasoning, expand world views, and engage in additional education for the pursuit of knowledge. Strengthening your intelligence, as well, will be the result, when you learn a new skill or concept, attempt to understand a different point of view, or exercise your mind with puzzles and games, you’re building intellectual well being. In addition, exercise, will improve the physical structure of your brain to preventing cognitive decline.

Social well Being

Building a network of human support based on interdependent mutual respect and trust with your friends, family, and co-workers, leads to social well being. Developing a sensitivity and awareness toward others’ feelings is another feature of social well being. Evidence shows that social connections not only help you deal with chronic stress, but also keep you healthy.

Genetic Well Being

According to the latest research in Genetics, it now appears your genes are influenced and altered by both internal and external factors–your thoughts, your attitude, your stress, your social activities, what you eat, your physical activity, and mental attitude. But that’s not all, your exposure to microbes, harsh environments, environmental stressors, toxins and pollutants, are all instrumental in your genes switching on and off, determining which proteins are released, whether they are altered or changed, determining if the result will be health or disease.

Environmental Well Being

If you don’t think the environment is part of your overall health and well being, consider this: Evidence shows that air

nature and human bond

pollution can cause Lung Cancer, the number one Cancer killer in the U.S. Being environmentally well means recognizing the responsibility to preserve, protect, and improve your environment, and also, appreciating your connection to nature. Environmental Well Being intersects with social well being, when you work to conserve and protect the environment for future generations, and improve conditions for others around the world.

Spiritual Well Being

You can seek spiritual well being in many ways, including quiet self-reflection, reading, and open dialogue with others. For the spiritually-well person, exploring the depth of human purpose, pondering human connectedness, and answering questions like, “Why are we here?”, is okay. Seeking spiritual well being includes being open to exploring your own beliefs and respecting others beliefs.

Aging Dimension

Aging is the process and changes which occur in living organisms over time. It sounds simple on the surface, but it is very complicated and open for debate, in how aging occurs, and what causes it, and there is much disagreement over what actually causes aging. These changes are not only physical, but also psychologically, and social, and not always in negative ways, but also in positive ways. An example of positive aging is the ability to gain knowledge, experience, and wisdom.

I’m sure you can readily see there are certain specific things you “can do” to assist your body in slowing the aging process, or at least, prevent the process of aging from accelerating, or causing premature damage: Watch your weight, eat fresh, as possible, foods which are balanced nutritionally, high in fiber and low in saturated fats. Drink plenty of water and other fluids. Implement a routine of moderate exercise and stretching program at least five days a week. Supplement your diet with a natural whole, healing food Adaptogen, Maca for added assurance. Stop the use of tobacco products. If you drink alcohol to relax, drink it moderately. Get ample (7-8 hours a night) restful sleep on a specific time schedule.

For information on everyday activities that can influence the nine dimensions positively and keeping them all balanced, read this article WHAT IS NATURAL HEALTH?

Tap into Creativity to Reduce Stress and Increase Positive Emotions

  • Creative activities can decrease depression, reduce stress, and in some cases, improve your immune system, and cognitive function.
  • Artistic expression and creativity should be a part of your overall health and well being plan, because it assists you in enhancing mood and positive emotion.
releasing creativity-to-release-stress
releasing creativity to release stress

According to the American Public Health Association, engagement with artistic endeavors, either as an observer or a creator, will enhance your mood, positive emotion, and other psychological factors, and have a salient impact on important health concerns.

Creativity is a key piece of the health and well being puzzle. A review of more than one hundred studies of the benefits of the arts, such as music, dance, visual arts, and writing, found that creating expression, has a powerful impact on your health, decreasing depression, reducing stress, and improving immune function.

Other studies have found that creativity and exposure to the arts, can positively impact conditions like Parkinson’s Disease, forms of Dementia, and even Cancer, besides the obvious benefit of increasing intellectual well being. A study by Mayo Clinic concluded that middle-aged and older people who engaged in activities like painting, sculpturing, crafts, woodworking, ceramics, quilting, etc., delayed cognitive decline. Even with people in their eighties, research has shown that any form artistic activity, was effective in slowing cognitive decline.

creativity relieves unhealthy stress

You are creative in your own way, because you are a unique individual, and whether you think you are talented or not, be mindful of what comes easily to you. Something will, because you, as an individual, have a unique talent no once else has. Let go of the fact, that you have to be perfect at everything you attempt to do. Enjoy the process of learning something new, because it will challenge you mentally, which is good for your intellectual and emotional well being. Remind yourself it is okay to be a beginner, or a novice, and don’t become disappointed if it takes you some time to accomplish what you are attempting to do that’s new. Pick an activity that you see as fun, and pursue it, enjoy it, and don’t judge yourself.

Art therapy, “Is rich with opportunities for research that can enhance and validate what is already common knowledge to most of the Therapists and their clients, and that art pursuits are life enhancing,” according to Art Therapist Dr. Cathy Malchiodi.

Studies that examine the effects of artistic creation on stress and mood, do not analyze the talent levels of the participants, or their quality of creation. It analyzes how they feel afterward, and the effects are very positive. For illustrative purposes, here are some examples of certain artistic pursuits, and their positive effects.

  • Taking art or a pottery class–you will benefit not only creatively, but also from social interaction with others, even forming new friendships, which is also great for your social well being.
  • Dance class–first of all, dancing relieves stress and your brain releases endorphins, giving you pleasure, and again, is very good for your social health and well being.
  • Doodling or drawing–It is a wonderful stress reliever, and also challenges your mind to be creative by experimenting with shapes and even colors.
  • Poetry and writing–Expressing your thoughts in new creative ways helps you communicate your feelings to others, especially during times when you need closure, or understanding a certain insecurity you have. Writing is a great healing art, by helping you release your feeling on paper, rather than keeping those feeling bottled up inside of you, adding more to your stress and anxiety.

The possibilities are endless, and remember it’s not just about being in health and in fitness.  Just think about it. Get creative with gardening, making a toast at dinner engagement, Make sculptures out of food or veggies. That’s right! I have a lady friend who regularly makes all kinds of sculpture designs out of veggies. One time she gave me a carved basket made out of a pumpkin, filled with grapes and strawberries, as a gift. Pretty neat.

So, answer this question now, “Can I get Healthy?”, because you have the answers, and it’s simply a matter of taking action, and start on your path to health and wellness. Get creative! It truly works.  For more in depth information, particularly, on the incredible, wide-ranging benefits of Peruvian Maca, read this review WHAT’S HEALTHY LIVING?

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