When is the last time you remember

beautiful-mountain-nature scene
Beautiful Mountain Nature Scene

being out in nature camping or “roughing-it” and having incredible experiences, or inspirations, or feeling incredibly healthy? Or, may be, I should ask, have you EVER experienced these things, or had these feelings?

It’s a calm, crisp, cool night, and looking up to the heavens, the stars are so big and bright, they look like they are going to fall on you! The day has been pretty active physically, unpacking the camping hiking gear out of the SUV, setting up camp, putting the 2-person tent up, laying stones for your camp fire, gathering dry kindling, and firewood for the fire, has you and your better-half a little tired, but it’s a good, healthy tired. The kind of tired where your body is tingling and your mind is crystal clear.

You are sitting next to your better-half by a nice open fire (1) you made, relying on Tips In Camping you learned over many years, somewhere out in nature and roughing it. Both of you are sipping a cup of hot dripped-coffee you made in your small antique porcelean coffee pot handed-down from your grandmother. You prepared the coffee over some hot coals you spread out away from the fire, and with a shot of brandy you added to each cup, you are both becoming totally relaxed and content now.

The cozy fire is warm, actually pretty hot, your face and front of your body are quite warm, and your backside away from the fire, is cold. So,

Cozy Warm Campfire

you stand up, and turn around to warm your backside. After a few minutes standing, you sit back down, and now you are being totally mesmerized by the moving, dancing flames of the fire, the sound of the wood crackling (2), the smell of smoke, and small shifts in the breeze, occasionally blowing some smoke in your eyes, making them burn, but you are totally content.

Although it’s fairly early in the night, your eyelids are heavy and you are falling asleep sitting. It’s really amazing how being out in nature restores you circadian rhythm (biological clock)almost immediately. It has only been dark for may be a hour and you are falling asleep. You can’t believe how relaxed you are either! You really don’t know the exact time, because you divorced yourself from all technology, turning your cell phone off, at least for a few days, and you really don’t care, because there is nowhere you have to be except here, and you both decide to turn in early

According to Discover Magazine.com, 3 separate studies of 226 adults involved exposing individuals to a live fire, with crackling sounds and smoke, and all, The results revealed all the participants became calm, mesmerized, and relaxed, including reductions in blood pressures and other bodily functions. So, once again nature brings you better health and well being, this time in the form of fire!

Your cohort turns the Bison lantern on and goes into the 2-person tent and prepares for bed, while you tend to the fire, removing the partially

Blazin Bison LED lantern

burned logs to one side on the rock bed, so that the fire can die down naturally and there will be no problem with the fire spreading through the night. You move into the tent, remove your clothes down to your long johns and slide in your warm comfortable, 2-person 20 degree-rated, down sleeping bag. The bag is lying on top of the foot-inflatable double pad, and feels at comfortable as your mattress at home. You’re lying on your back, and your better-half lays her head down on your chest at you wrap your arm around her.

You both begin talking about plans for tomorrow, like hiking to this beautiful waterfall, and fishing for rainbow trout in the small mountain lake in a basin, up the side of the mountain, less than 2-miles from your site. The last thing you remember is your better-half talking, and you’re gone! Fast asleep!

The next thing you’re conscious of is you are awakened early not by your cell phone alarm as usual, but what sounds like hundreds of birds of every

Paria Zion 2-Person Tent

imaginable species, (3)joyously singing in the trees surrounding the camping site, as they are eagerly ushering in the new day. You’re in the same position you fell asleep in, on your back, and apparently didn’t even more during the night. Wow, what a healthy restful sleep out in nature! You feel totally recharged and ready for action. Your better-half hasn’t budged yet and is still asleep, so you remain quiet not to waken her. You exist the sleeping bag, slide on your jeans and crocs, grab the body soap and a wash cloth, and exit the tent and zip it back up.

It’s an incredibly beautiful, crisp morning, the sky is a deep blue with no clouds, at you walk down to the convenient, cold, crystal-clear, running, mountain stream not even 50-feet away, and the main reason you chose this particular site. You wash your face and hands, and fill the 2-gallon plastic bottle with clear water to boil so you can make coffee and breakfest. You understand the importance of boiling any water you retrieve from a natural source, even if it’s crystal clear and running, because it could contain harmful bacteria.

You get the camp fire ready for use later in the afternoon placing new kindling and firewood, and all you’ll have to do later is light it.

Camp Chief Stainless Explorer Stove

Lighting the 2-burner Camp Chef stove, you make a fresh pot of coffee and get the old trusty seasoned cast iron frying pan out, and fry up some lean crisp bacon, and scrambled grass-fed brown eggs, because you’re starving! That’s one thing about being out in nature, everyone’s appetite is always much better because everything taste like a million bucks! You pour your cohort a cup of hot coffee and take it to her in the tent, awaken her, and say breakfest is ready, babe.

You two have breakfest, and straighten up around the site. You pour each of you a cup of blueberry smoothie with Peruvian Maca from a gallon jug you took out of the ice chest, which you prepared prior to leaving on your trip, while your partner throws a couple sandwiches together, in case you two get hungry, with a couple of bottles of filtered water and puts it in your backpack.

You can do without a lot of modern conveniences roughing it, but not without P Maca! You put theYetti cooler and all the food back in the SUV just to be safe, just in case wandering racoons decides to visit while you’ll are away on your hiking trek, and you certainly don’t want to temp a bear to visit your site either. You are well-aware bear sense of smell can be up to 20 miles.

You two start up the steep-incline healthy hike up this narrow trail to the cascading waterfall to spend the morning. You were both looking forward to the hike because you know it good for your health, heart rate, and mood. If the water isn’t to cold, may

Beautiful Towering Waterfall and Deep Blue Pool

be even do some bathing and swimming. When you get close to the falls, you hear the roar of the water falling down the mountain, but no sight of the falls yet. You two squeeze through a narrow opening between two huge rock walls, and suddenly the magnificent falls comes into view, towering 100 feet above your heads, water cascading and crashing downward thousands of gallons of water a second, into the deep blue crystal pool at your feet. What an incredible sight with the sunlight forming a full rainbow in the fall’s mist, and you both feel the noticeable drop in temperature of the cold water and the mist hitting you in the face.

You both walk away from the falls toward this flat rock which overhangs the pool about 50 yards away, where you’re not so close and can get a better view, and where it’s much warmer, too, and sit down on the rock, enjoying the view of the falls and the warm Sun.

You look up and see a pair of Eagles soaring above and you (4) tell your better-half to look up, and you’re thinking this is their territory and this pair probably has a nest nearby, and even young eaglets. What an incredible sight with the Sun reflecting off their gleaming white heads, and their huge, spread wingspans catching the up currents, looking like 747’s coming in for a landing. The Eagles quickly soar over the top of the falls and disappear out of view. What an incredible majestic bird!

In an eagle is all the wisdom of the world

Apache Lame Deer

Your thoughts turn to the deep, inviting, crystal-clear, blue pool and you wonder how cold the water is. You remember your experience at a kid,

Deep Blue Waterfall Pool

that the best way to get into cold water is all at once. It does absolutely no good to just stick your toes in–it’s all or none! So, you tell your better-half you’re going in. She looks at you like you’re crazy, but you’re going in any way! You strip down to your shorts and without hesitation, run and jump into the deep pool!

You hit the water, holding your breath, with a huge splash, and it’s sooooooooooooo cold, it literally takes your breath away! You plunge about 5 feet down and quickly start swimming and paddling straight up back to the surface, and as you head breaks the water, you realize you’ve just had the most incredible, invigorating rush in your life!

You yell at your better half to jump in, but she shakes her head no, and you say smiling, you don’t know what you’re missing Babe, and you’re thinking, really, it isn’t that bad once your in and your body adjusts to the cold. You know how to get her in, by getting her to think about bathing, and she’ll overcome the fear of the cold water. So you say to her, Babe, throw me the liquid soap out of the backpack, and she does. You wash your hair and body and it feels great, then all of a sudden you hear a big splash, and it’s your better half taking the plunge!

You swim over to her to make sure she comes up alright, and at she explodes out of the water, she’s smiling and screaming “Ohooooooooo, it’s cold! You two play and swim around for a while and she washes her hair and bathes, then you both get out, put a couple of towels down on the flat rock, and dry off and get some Sun, The Sun is warming your bodies, replenishing your store of vitamin D, and it feels totally unbelievable, and you both arefeel renewed and invigorated. After an hour or so lying in the Sun, and not wanting to overdue it, you decide to head back to camp.

You two take a slightly different route back to camp, following an open meadow and the tree line. You see a stand of wild pink phlox and you

North Face Hiking Backpack

take your trusty tactical knife out and use the scissors to snip three of the phlox flowers and hand them to your better half. She smells them and smiles at you.

The positive impact of nature….plants make you feel better, especially beautiful flowers! Experimental studies have shown being in and around natural plants lower blood pressure, improve reaction times, increase attentiveness, lower levels of anxiety, raise productivity, and improve overall well being.

Almost back to camp, you flush a covey of quail up, which literally scares you two to death, it happened so quick, but it was really something to see at least 15 quail fly off at break-neck speed like they had been shot out of a cannon! Nature and its wonders. Nature never ceases to amaze you! You arrive back at camp, and the discussion turns to the next adventure, which is getting food for dinner tonight.

And yes, my friends, that’s the elusive mountain rainbow trout (5) that you’ll hopefully catch up at Fern Lake, which is a about 2-mile hike up a winding elk trail up the side of the mountain. Elk migrate down the mountain on ancient elk trails to lower altitudes in Wintertime. You always pack your 2 trusty fly rods and flies, as part of the camping hiking gear you bring on these outings, because as long as there’s a body of water around, you can always catch fish and not ever go hungry, another Tips In Camping learned over the years…be prepared to furnish your own food.

Catching Rainbow trout in mountain lakes is much different then catching them in fast-moving streams. The technique involves being totally quiet, using very slow movements, actually barely moving, almost sneaking up to the edge of the water of the mountain lake, so you don’t spook the fish. So with that in mind, you feel a need to explain all this to your better-half, and although she’s a very good fisherman, fisher woman, that doesn’t sound right– she’s not ever fished trout this way.

Unless there’s a storm brewing, these mountain lakes are crystal-clear and the surface is smooth at glass. In fact, so clear you can actually see the trout swimming 3 or 4 feet deep in the water. But the fact that you can see them, means they can see you much better, and that’s why you have to sneak and almost crawl up to the lake bank to cast your fly out.

After your quick lesson, you tie your favorite flies, and the ones that always catch trout, on both fly rods, grab your straw hat with all your

Prism Spotting Scope With Tripod

different flies hooked to it, and your creel, and the two of you begin the hike up to Fern Lake. You also think about your spotting scope, which you tie to the side of your backpack, just in case you get a sighting of Big Horn sheep on the rock ledges above the meadow which holds Fern Lake. Along the hike up you’re thinking the goal is catching three fish, being a true conservationist at heart, you two will catch only what you can eat, and three trout would be perfect.

When you arrive at the lake it’s mid-afternoon, and the lake’s surface looks like glass and it’s so calm and quiet, so you’re guessing the trout have probably moved in to the shallow water to feed, so you move to the shallow end of the lake that has a huge beautiful stand of native fern, thus the name Fern Lake.

You slowly creep up to the bank, unhook your fly from the cork handle, pull enough line out, and make a quiet false cast, as your fly rolls

Beautiful Fern Lake Rainbow Trout Haven

over several times and gently drops to the surface of the water. Your heart is pounding, at you remain motionless, wait about 30 seconds, and with the tip of your rod, you gently nudge the fly forward barely moving it, and the water explodes, as about a 2-pounder engulfs the fly, hooking itself, and your off toward to the races!

The trout is moving away from you taking line like crazy, then does a complete turn, coming right back toward you, and you’re reeling at fast at you can, trying to get all the slack out of the line. This battle goes on for several minutes until the fish finally tires itself and you are able to safety reel it in. What a beautiful fish, with all the brilliant colors of a rainbow, at you lift it out water, unhook it and place it in your creel.

You motion your better-half to cast her fly out to an area a little further out than where your cast landed, suspecting that all the comotion could have spooked the fish, which means they would be moving back out to deeper water. Your suspicsion proves correct, because at soon at her fly drops to the lake surface, she has a fish on, and she’s screaming, and holding on to the rod for dear life. Another battle ensues but your better half does an excellent job of tiring the fish and bringing it in to the bank. Wow, you’ve only been here for 20 minutes and you’ve already caught two nice fish, and it’s one more to go, will make three and your limit.

You two slowly move down the bank about 20 yards to deeper water, and sit down for a while, letting things calm down. After about 30 minutes

Beautiful Rainbow Trout Swimming

of enjoying nature and all the beautiful and breathtaking scenery all around where ever your eyes will take you, you stand up and make a very long cast out toward the center of the lake. The fly once again gently lands on the surface, and you immediately begin popping it, then letting it lie motionless, and then popping it, repeating this pattern over and over again.

Your partner casts hers out too. You suspect the trout have gotten weary, so you just let your fly lie motionless. A little breeze on the surface moves the fly and line sideways, and bam, that did it! Another 2-pounder comes out of the water and devours the fly, and after another battle, you reel the trout in, and you two have your very healthy meal in fresh nutritious fish.

You both head back to camp, enjoying the late-afternoon leisurely hike back down-hill, with dinner in hand. Back at camp, you clean and fillet the trout, roll them in cornmeal and season them with salt and pepper, while your partner cuts up a couple of Idaho potatoes for some home fries. For a salad she also takes out a large bag of fresh nutritious cutup tomatoes, carrots, peppers, zucchini, shallots, garlic, and parsley, which came right out of your garden yesterday, and along with a little extra virgin olive oil and fermented wine vinegar, will make a terrific healthy salad.

You both being health-conscious, you understand the importance of eating fresh, nutrient-dense foods, and the reason for being on this roughing-it camping trip, in the first place, and eating fresh, nutrient-dense veggies. You get the campfire started, fry up the fish and

Healthy Fresh Organic Veggies

fries on the 2-burner stove and settle down to the best tasting meal you’ve ever had! As good at any five-star restaurant, and very healthy, too, with all the micro-nutrients such as antioxidants and vitamins and minerals you two need for optimal health! After dinner, you both decide to sleep under the stars tonight, it’s a beautiful night to do it.

So you pull the air mattress and sleeping bag out of the tent and position it next to the fire, feet first. You have another couple, both good friends, driving in and joining you two in the morning, so this will be the last night you two will have complete privacy, and you’re both feeling romantic and in the mood, to take advantage of it while you can. You two sit, cozy-up to the warm fire, have some wine, and then………

The evidence that indoor artificial light at night influences human health is fairly strong, due the reduction of melatonin produced in the brain, which has a detrimental effect on sleep patterns and getting the proper healing rejuvenating rest all of your body needs. So you see the importance of sleeping under the stars?

Well, have you ever really appreciated nature like this before now, and have you had these feeling or these experiences, as related in this article? If not, let me tell you what you are missing, and why you should experience all you can out in nature, every chance you get! Here are 8 immediate health and wellness benefits obtainable when you decide to “rough-it”, or camp out in nature: Air Quality, Bright Natural Light and Sun, Physical Activity, Healthy Nutritious Food, Restful Sleep, Re-Centering and Meditation, and Challenges.

We will cover each of these health and wellness benefits in detail in our next article scheduled for release on this website

Fresh Nutritious Adaptogen Peruvian Maca Root

around the first of April, 2019. In the meantime, checkout this study on how contact with nature is beneficial to your health and well being. We will also cover the wide-ranging health and well being benefits of the Super Food Peruvian Maca and why you should never be without it, even on a “roughing-it” camping trip! Just another one of the Tips In Camping you’ve learned over the years. We hope we got your attention and interest level up. Please leave your comments and questions in the comments section below.

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