Occupational well being is one of the nine life dimensions involved in your overall health and well being, and is just as important as the other eight dimensions. It is essential that

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your job or career be in balance with the other dimensions in order to achieve and maintain your overall health and well being. We will look at ways and make practical suggestions on what is a dream job, what criteria to use to locate it,  and how to find balance and maintain it in your job or career, and in your life.  Remember, when you are experiencing undue stress or anxiety, unsafe and harmful levels of Cortisol (hormone) are released in your body, effecting you physically, mentally, and emotionally, compounding and adding to your already existing unhealthy condition.

Wikipedia defines a job or occupation this way, “is a person’s role in society. More specifically, a job is an activity, often regular and often performed, in exchange for payment, or for a living.” For more information on a job or occupation from Wikipedia, read here.

Imagine a life where you have the perfect job: You are doing what you were meant to do, learning new things all the time, and facing exciting challenges, while your co-workers treat you with respect. You begin each day looking forward to work and come home pleased with what you have accomplished in your work. Is this far from reality? If burnout, stress, anxiety, and dissatisfaction are common feelings for you, and your colleagues, it may be time to re-evaluate your occupation.

Work and Dream Alignment

Career wellness can be defined as engaging in work that provides personal satisfaction and enrichment, and that’s consistent with your values, goals, and lifestyle. After sleep, we

passion in career

spend most of our time at work. So, ask yourself if your work motivates you and lets you use your abilities to their full potential? Also, are you aligned with your dreams and passions? If you are aligned with your passions at work, you will have a good energy level that sustains you throughout the day, and you will enjoy your work. .And, you will be much happier. However, if you aren’t experiencing some joy, satisfaction and enrichment, you’ll find going to work and staying motivated, very challenging, and it could be time to take a serious look at how your spend most of your waking hours.

Protecting your career wellness may mean making big changes, like moving to another job, or going back for additional education or training, so you can apply for a higher position, or an entirely new career. But, sometimes just small steps help in big ways.

Re-Evaluate Your Career and Re-Energize Your Work Life

Mindfulness on the job. Mindfulness involves developing an international awareness that’s open and accepting, and allows you to respond, rather than just react to situations. Research supports that mindfulness can increase on-the-job resiliency, and improves effectiveness and safety. The following simple steps can help you incorporate mindfulness into each workday:

  • Quiet your inner voice. Take ten slow breaths and concentrate on the air moving in and out of your lungs.
  • There are also a phone apps for that too, such as HEADSPACE and CALM, which can help you quickly ease into mindfulness and calmness.

Self-Care In The Workplace. Many self-care and self-healing tools are low cost and can significantly and positively affect your work environment. All of us, not only leaders, can promote self-care and positively reduce sick leave and absenteeism, by creating an environment where employees thrive. You may want to read a book I stumbled on by Sandra Thomas, “Transferring. Nurses’ Stress and Anger Steps Toward Healing”, for some great ideas.

Cultivate a Positive mindset. Leadership expert Tim and Brian Kight of Focus 3 explains that “One of the distinguishing characteristics of successful people is not only their

positive mindset-attitude
positive mindset attitude

ability to develop a positive, productive mindset, but also to sustain it.” You’ll find a lot of power in keeping yourself positive, and remembering every event’s outcome is tempered by your response to it. The Kight’s formulated the importance of a person’s, or, “R factors,” this way: E + R = O: An event plus many responses equals the outcome, which will either be positive or negative, depending on what your response is.

Purpose, Pleasure and Pride. Author and founder of Blue Zones, Dan Buettner, who has researched happiness and longevity, says purpose, pleasure, and pride are vitally important to a long happy life at work and at home. If we can design our workplace to increase each of these, we can stack the deck in our favor of a fulfilling work- life balance, because you will have discovered how to deal with stress in your work. Here are some ideas in doing that:

  • Make a best friend at work. One of the most powerful contributors to work satisfaction and productivity is having a close friend at work. Some studies suggest that because friends work better together than acquaintances, and a best friend can just make work more engaging and fun.
  • Seek a job that fits you. As Hungarian Psychologist, and the originator of the concept of flow, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi advises, “finding a job that engages your natural talents and gives you constant positive feedback, is a sure way to build happiness.”
  • Consider your work hours. Research shows that people who commute an hour each way, would need an additional 40% of their monthly wage to be satisfied with their life as people that walk to work. If a long commute is effecting your work pleasure, intentionally use that commute time for enjoyment by listening to music, or positive audio books..
  • Have some family pictures like your spouse or children, or a pleasing relaxing nature scene displayed. Research confirms that visuals triggers can have a huge impact on motivational behavior and reduce stress and anxiety.
  • Don’t settle for what is reality now, keep motivated to work toward what you want, by increasing your skills and knowledge, and research and discover the positives and benefits that can be in your future, if you pursue them.
  • Avoid overworking yourself. Find a work/family/life balance that will keep you motivated and happy, both at work and away. At work take your assigned breaks and get out of your office or area you work in, and take a short walk outside, even if it’s only in the parking lot, just to change things up, and give yourself a chance to get centered again.
  • For energy, strength, endurance, and concentration, eat fresh well-balanced nutritious foods at least once every day. Fresh, well-balanced nutritious foods, means fresh, organic, grass-fed lean beef, fresh, organic, free-range poultry, fresh cold-water fish and seafood, and fresh organic fruits and vegetables, bought from specialty markets, or small independent farmers. Read this article WHAT IS IN MACA ROOT, for more detailed information on specialty markets and their healthy, fresh, and nutritious products. Have available high protein snacks such as nuts or a good energy bar for mid-morning and mid-afternoon while working, to maintain energy level. .Avoid eating high starch or high fatty foods, or fast foods, or overeating, at work because they will all make you tired and put your brain in neutral.
  • Supplement your diet daily with a natural organic, high in nutrition, Adaptogen Super Food called Maca, to assure you are getting sufficient nutrition to maintain physical and
    fresh Superfood Maca root

    mental wellness, have the ability to cope with stress and job demands and deadlines, make sure your mood, learning, and memory is enhanced, and you have the sufficient energy to perform your task effectively and at a high level.  You can read more about this healing plant and all its benefits by reading this article WHAT’S HEALTHY LIVING.

  • Set goals. Setting goals gives you something to look forward to, and a framework for accomplishing those goals. Set small, written, doable goals, and commit to those goals for a period of no less than thirty days, because it takes thirty days to break or make a habit.

Enjoy Work and A Healthy Lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle, mentally, emotionally, and physically, helps you maintain balance, and more efficiently handle the effects of stress and anxiety in your work and at home. Pursuing a job or a career you are passionate about,  and answering your own question “what is a dream job, will help you maintain that overall balance with health and well being more easily. No job or career is perfect, but overcoming the challenges of a job or career you love and enjoy, is far better than being miserable, or dealing with problems in a job or career you despise. Remember, maintaining a positive attitude is the key. A positive attitude doesn’t solve all the world’s problems, but it can assist you in finding the opportunities in the challenges you face.

Take Action and Set a S.M.A.R.T. Goal

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Your road to career wellness begins when you take action. Start by setting SMART career goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time bound. Set one small goal at a time, may be one for each day, for a thirty-day period, because it takes thirty days to break an old habit and replace it with a healthier habit. A couple of suggestions is just take a minute before and after work, to just breathe, focusing only on the breathing, to center yourself, and become more mindful of the present moment. And, take ten minutes a day journaling how you feel about your work or career, so that you can gage where you are, and where you want to be. In some cases, career wellness requires big changes, but may be for you, simple steps can bring you back to the real reason you are where you are in your job or career in the first place, and you might rekindle that original excitement and joy. You may even surprise yourself, and in the meantime, you have at least determined what is a dream job in your own mind.  For more information on occupational well being, read this article WHAT IS A GREAT JOB.

I.m sure you have questions, so please ask them below. Let me hear from you with your comments too.