Your physical well being can best be described, is, how you feel about yourself and your life. Life is multifaceted and

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complex and is interrelated, and affected by various factors or other dimensions, including aging, genetics, environment, occupation, social, education, intellect, mental and emotion, spiritual and physical. The fact that all nine dimensions are interrelated and interdependent on each other, means that, ideally, each dimension has to be, individually in a state of balance, and at the same time, be in balance and in unison with each other. That way none of the dimensions can negatively affect the other balanced dimensions. What is good news? The good news, simply put, you are in balance-mind-body-spirit, in all aspects of your existence, and you have realized and achieved a holistic way of life.

As an example, good physical well being has a positive effect on your emotional well being, and if you are able to remain emotionally balanced, it will affect your physical well being positively, as well. However, the reverse is also true. Of course, poor physical health can lead to an increased risk of developing multiple physical health problems, but it is also true that imbalanced mental health can negatively impact your physical health. Depression has been linked to a 67% increase in death due to heart disease, and a 50% increase from death from cancer. An illustration on how complex the relationship can be between the various dimensions, smoking and the use of tobacco, which is considered a poor and harmful behavioral habit, will affect your mental or emotional, your social, your environment,  your intellectual, and your physical health.

Wikipedia describes physical health and well being this way: “is the ability to adapt and manage physical, mental, and social challenges throughout life. As defined by the World Health Organization (WHO), health is a ‘state of complete physical, mental, and social well being, and merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” For more information on health and well being view here.

Let’s take a brief look at the nine dimensions involved, and what is good news result, in developing and maintaining a holistic approach to a healthy life.

A Brief Look at the Various Dimensions Affecting Your Life

  • Aging Dimension. Aging is a natural process of changes your body goes through as you grow older. These natural changes will occur, but you can slow the aging process by making positive and beneficial changes in your lifestyle. In general, and in a natural way, your muscles, blood vessels, and all tissue lose their elasticity. Your heart becomes less functional and efficient, your bones become weaker, and your metabolism slows down. However, the opposite is also true. You can also dramatically effect and excellerate the aging process by being in an unbalanced and unhealthy state in any of the dimensions. A poor lifestyle, or bad judgments, or poor behavioral practices, negatively influences the natural aging process, and you grow older before your time.
  • Genetics Dimension. Your heredity is determined by genetics or your genes. Your genes are the vehicle in which certain inherited traits or characteristics are transferred from one generation to the next. Genetics is the one dimension you have very little control over, that is, it was the position of most experts until recently. However, modern researchers now take the position that gene structure can be affected negatively by living a poor or unhealthy lifestyle. But, it is also true, with the advance in genetic science, may be one day in the not to distant future, gene structure could be medically altered to prevent the transfer of certain unwanted characteristics or traits, particularly, if it’s known that an off-spring could inherit undesirable cancer-producing genes, or some other disease.
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    Occupational Dimension. Your occupation should be one that has meaning, significance and purpose, and allows you to make positive contributions through your work and to society. You will also gain a broader understanding of life and the world around you. If you feel unfulfilled in your career or job, or you don’t feel you are making any significant contribution, make the necessary change to correct your situation. Even change your career if necessary. Don’t remain in a dead-end job or a job that you don’t enjoy because it will affect you negatively and you will feel unbalanced in your life. One other thing, your occupation should provide you with sufficient income to live comfortably and it should take care of you and your family’s basic living needs.

  • Educational Dimension. Your good education allows you to enjoy a happier and more stable life, a position of social recognition, and a promising and secure future. Not only does education improve your own personal life, but improves society as a whole, and helps it to function properly. Education gives you a good, solid background which enables you to form opinions, have observations and points of view, on life. My advice to you is don’t ever stop learning.
  • Environmental Dimension. A good environment or ecosystem in which you live, provides natural benefits for you and all the other creatures, plants, and trees, that are essential to your good health, quality of life, and survival. All aspects of the ecosystem, including clean air, clean water, and fertile, rich soil, are in balance and live in harmony. If you don’t live in this kind of environment, change it.
  • Social Dimension. The desirable social state is when your basic human needs are met, and you and everyone, can live and coexist peacefully, in a healthy manner together, with opportunities for healthy, prosperous life.It is living a life condition in which you and the population has equal access to clean water and air, nutritious food, sufficient shelter, and health services to ensure survival and a good healthy life, in a free society, with dignity and freedom, Make appropriate changes when necessary.
  • Intellectual Dimension. Intellect is your ability to think and understand, rationally and less emotionally, complicated ideas at a high level, and having superior reasoning ability. Have you ever wondered how intellect relates to knowledge? Knowledge is gained through education, or what you have learned through life experiences, or through developed skills. Intelligence is your ability to apply the knowledge you have gained. Make it a practice to train yourself to rely more on your gained knowledge and intellect, while giving some weight to your emotional feelings, as well, when making an important decision.
  • Emotional Dimension. Emotions are part of human nature, and play an important role in your everyday life, influencing your thought processes, which typically manifests in you in what is commonly referred to as “gut feelings”. It is said emotions should not play a role in making important decisions, and it should be based on your knowledge and intellect, your rational thought. However, my suggestion is to use both emotions and rational thinking, in making decisions. Here’s’s how you do that. Don’t overreact. Take some time to study and evaluate your choices. Make note of your emotional thought, but reserve making your decision. Do some research on the subject, ask someone you trust for their advice, and then make your decisions based on all the new knowledge you’ve gained and advice you’ve received, along with your original emotional thought process.
  • Spiritual Dimension. Being spiritual means having compassion, love, forgiveness, altruism, joy, and fulfillment.
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    It’s your ability to experience meaning and purpose in life through your connectedness with self, the arts, nature and the universe, and a power greater than you. Being spiritual allows you to sustain good health and fight ailments and disease, by receiving social support, through prayer, and developing a philosophy that all things have a purpose. One final thought, being religious or professing a certain religion, doesn’t mean you have spirituality necessarily. Who you are on the inside should reflect who you are on the outside.

  • Physical Dimension. Ah yes, your physical well being, your physical health. Physical health is not just the absence of illness, ailments, and disease. Involved in the process are all the dimensions working in unison and in balance with each other. With that said, you will make the right healthy lifestyle behavior choices to ensure good health, you will avoid sickness, ailments, and disease, and you will live in a happy and well-balanced state of body, mind, and spirit.

What Is Your Health and Well Being?  Are You Up For A Change?  

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A life of good overall health involves a life-time commitment in maintaining balance in all dimensions!, It’s a day-in-day-out regimen of committing to routine physical activity, eating, fresh as possible, well-balanced, organic, non-GMO, nutritional foods.  It also means avoiding fast-foods and junk foods, by cooking your own healthy nutritious meals, and supplementing your diet with the best Super Food available today, Peruvian Maca, In addition, it means being socially active and maintaining strong healthy relationships with your partner and close friends, living in a clean, wholesome, pollution-free environment, having a meaningful, satisfying career, continuing to seek knowledge, remaining emotionally balanced and mentally sharp, getting sufficient rest and sleep, having enjoyable hobbies and leisure time, setting realistic and obtainable goals, and being flexible and willing to make changes when necessary.

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You now know what is good news, ideally, and what is health and well being, and, you have in your hands, the best options that will help you achieve and maintain it.  That solution is maintaining all of your life dimension in balance, and supplementing with the natural Adaptogen Peruvian Maca.  If you are interested in additional information on a particular dimension affecting your physical well being, or have question, please let me know.


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