stardust and the universe

Spiritual Well Being is one of your nine dimensions instrumental in maintaining your overall, or holistic, optimum health. It is vitally important that your spiritual dimension remain in balance with the other nine dimensions, as it is just as important that they also remain in balance with each other, as well, in order to experience true, sustainable holistic health.

It is your inner connectedness with self, with your entire being, mind-body-spirit, and the universe and life force, which is much greater and boundless than you, but, still part of you, which keeps you balanced spiritually, and in balance with all other dimensions, and the universe. When you ask yourself, “what is mindfulness and meditation?”, you will come to realization, and be amazed that you are stardust, which, somehow miraculously, you came alive, as all the living entities in the vastness of space we call the universe, have over eons.

Here is the way Wikipedia defines meditation and spirituality, “is a practice where an individual uses technique, such as focusing their mind on a particular object, thought, or activity, to achieve a mentally clear and emotionally calm state. Meditation is used with the aim of reducing stress, anxiety, depression, and pain, and increasing peace, perception, self-concept, and well being. Meditation is under research to define it’s health benefits in aiding psychological, neurological, and cardiovascular disorders.” For more information from Wikipedia on meditation, read here.

“……….Spirituality is not religion………but it is existence and purpose to find meaning, understanding, and connection with something much greater……………”

Being balanced spiritually is your ability to develop the desire and determination to integrate and experience new and deeper meaning and purpose in life through your connectedness with self, others, and the power greater than oneself, resulting in happiness and satisfaction within yourself and your life. During the process, you will be become more tolerant of others’ beliefs without becoming disassociated with others, in developing your new spirituality.

There is evidence of a new beginning, a rebirth for mankind, with the rise and popularity of non-denominational religious institutions globally, and the decline in traditional religions institutions and the teachings of old traditional religious doctrine. People, with very diverse backgrounds, and from every corner of the world are searching for true inner peace, love, fellowship, and goodness in life, and not just a particular or traditional religious instrument or instruction, or limited interpretation of the Bible or other religious doctrine. This movement of non-denominational worship is encouraging, but only a minor part of the solution, providing you a very limited and temporary reprieve,  in terms of balancing your spirituality.

The Nature-Spiritual Well Being Connection

Seeking a true and balanced spirituality, begins with a question to self. “Who am I?” Ancient teachings described human beings as having five facets of existence and experience: your surroundings or environment, your physical body, your mind or intellect, your intuition, and self, or spirit.

the wonder and beauty of nature

Your connection with your surrounding and nature, is your first and foremost important facet of your existence. If your environment or surroundings are pristine, healthy, thriving, and positive, it will have a positive and beneficial impact on all the facets of your existence, balancing them, bringing you a greater sense of peace and understanding of your self, and others.

Having an intimate relationship with nature is programmed into your psyche. Since the beginning of time, nature has always been held in reverence, held in high regard, and honored by early man. Today you live in a world that has moved away from connecting with nature, by systematically destroying, polluting, and poisoning it. These actions have disrupted ecological balance, by not only destroying nature physically, but also bringing you deep negative emotions within yourself, which are innate and you aren’t even aware of these emotions. These negative energies expand out of control, affecting a significant portion of the population, and the result is the violence, destruction, and misery that is all around you now and in the entire world.

Again, what is mindfulness and spiritual meditation?  It is your awareness you should attend to your psyche, being mindful of your self, by nurturing compassion and care for our world and all that’s in it,  so it is kindled within yourself, and simultaneously, forming a deeper connection to caring for nature and all living creatures. Spiritual well being is the experience of your own nature deep within, providing the connection to this vital relationship with self, with others, and with nature. Your connection to your own essential nature eliminates negative emotions, stress, confusion, anger, frustration, etc., and elevates your consciousness and nurtures a spirit of genuine caring for all living things and the whole universe.

human connection to nature

By reconnecting with nature, you are being mindful of self, and you will receive wisdom, be nurtured with a stronger foundation, strengthening your spiritual well being, and live a life peacefully and justly with nature and all living things. In you forming a strong spiritual well being, you will no longer experience fear of change or concerns of what the future holds because you will have in your possession a consistent source of strength, comfort, peace, meaning, and understanding.

Turning to nature will release your inner voice, and by listening to your inner desires, you will experience feelings of fulfillment, peace, and happiness. Connecting to nature in prayer, thus oneself, you will find the easiest path to calmness, which you can always summon and always rely on, particularly with difficult emotions, when life gets difficult or chaotic, like the death of a loved one, per A University of Wisconsin-Madison study.

Let go of your ego, and turn inward to discover the great abundance of the universe, by developing your powerful intention, and mindfully releasing it, knowing that the greater power will deliver what you need. Turning inward will release you from the burdens of stress and strife depriving you of enjoying life, and negatively affecting you physically, mentally and emotionally. Accept change and uncertainty as being good, and as a healthy challenge, because it is the foundation for creativity and freedom.

Food For Thought

Have you ever noticed a tree, even accidentally? I mean really noticed it? And, it became a revelation to you! You may have even thought, I am really no different from that tree. And, you are right. A deep, peaceful existence emanates from it, as its presence settles deep down in you. Or, you are sitting quietly and comfortably under a tree, and that same sense of deep peace overtakes you, and all of a sudden everything in the world feels right.

You have become aware of the presence of true nature and you feel relieved because you feel an overwhelming connection because you are part of it, as you are connected with the universe, or God, or the Creator of all things, or whatever you want to call the experience. You know, beyond a shadow of doubt, you feel it! You weren’t expecting a profound experience, but it happened inspite of you. Can you imagine what kind of revelations you can have if you intentionally made an effort to communicate with nature?

As far as nature is concerned you are perfect, you are unique, different, and an individual, and there is nothing wrong with you. You are designed to be different from everyone else, as everyone else is different from you and each other. At least temporally, the relentless clock and time ceases to exist and time stands still, or really slows down. Everything slows down. You have enough to sustain yourself, and you will survive, if you are in balance, and can live in harmony and peace. You are called back to reality. Always remember that life has hardships and you can’t and are not able to control everything in life, nor, are you supposed to.

Nature reminds you that death is part of life as it supposed to be, and displays it proudly. Your experience eases you back into reality. As the craziness, confusion, and noisiness around you subside, you experience a feeling of calmness and stillness, and it such a relief. You are in kinship, appreciating nature’s beauty and awesomeness, because you are connected and part of it, and you are no better or no worse than any of its existence. You truly know who you are because you are reminded of it with every visit, in your peacefulness and in quiet strength.  As you connect with the external life force, or God, or your name for it, it’s powerful, loving presence envelopes you, bringing you guidance and wisdom and peace.

fresh fruits and veggies

Deepening Your Spiritual Well Being Connection

  • Purposely connect with nature frequently, find a quiet, comfortable spot, and sit down, kick your shoes, and focus
  • Be mindful and turn inward to your spirit and the universe for all the answers
  • Schedule moderate exercise for relieving stress and anxiety
  • Practice Yoga, meditation, or deep breathing exercise to relax
  • Try Ayurveda, which is internal cleansing, massages, and a prescribed diet to treat digestive problems
  • Enjoy music and dance, bring rhythm and harmony in the body-mind relationship, bringing peace and tranquility
  • Eat fresh as possible, healthy, organic, non-GMO, well-balanced, nutritious foods, which will have an overall healthy positive effect on you, helping you experience peacefulness. For more in depth information on the nutritious foods you should be eating, read this review WHAT IS IN MACA ROOT?
  • Routinely take the best all natural, organic Super Food Adaptogen, Peruvian Maca, to supplement your diet to calm and heal your body
pulling fresh maca

Maca, the Adaptogen, and a natural, nutritious, well-balanced, organic, whole food, will assist you physically, emotionally, and mentally, to “adapt” to the stressor of every day life, by balancing and regulating the hormones in your Endrocrine system, and by supplementing your diet with a healthy, balanced, and nutritious whole food, providing you a solid foundation in achieving and maintaining spiritual well being and overall optimum health. For more information on achieving optimal health and well being, read this review WHAT’S HEALTHY LIVING?

One final thought. Not only will you returning to nature balance your spiritual well being, it will also balance all of your other dimensions, as well: Your Physical, Emotional, Social, Occupational, Intellectual, and Environmental.

Once you have had the chance to find yourself alone, and you’ve found the answer to what is mindfulness and meditation?   I hope to hear from you.  If you have any questions or comments, or desire additional information, please contact me.  You will probably enjoy reading this article too,  “Benefits With Meditation.”  Thanks.