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If you have read any of my previous articles, you will know that there are nine life dimensions in play in determining our overall health and well being, and are responsible for what is natural health and what leads to natural healing. It’s important you understand that all the nine dimensions are inter-related, dependent on, and should be in balance with each other, so that it’s possible to achieve and maintain a healthy way of life.

According to Wikipedia, “Natural health, or naturopathy, or naturopathic medicine, is a form of alternative medicine that employs an array of psydo-scientific practices branded as natural, non-invasive, and promoting ‘self-healing’. Read more information from Wikipedia on natural healing here.

Health and well being is not just the absence of disease and illness. To emphasize the point again, good health and well being is a complex combination of all the nine life dimensions (factors). In short, it is linked to happiness and life satisfaction, and a result of the nine dimension being in balance with each other. And it can best be described simply as, is how do you feel about yourself and your life. Let’s review the nine dimensions quickly.

The Nine Life Dimensions

  • Social Dimension

    9 dimensions-health-well-being
    9 dimensions health well being
  • Physical Dimension
  • Emotional Dimension
  • Occupational Dimension
  • Environmental Dimension
  • Intellectual Dimension
  • Spiritual Dimension
  • Genetic Dimension
  • Aging Dimension

Daily Factors That Influence Your Health and Well Being Positively

  • Happy intimate relationship with your spouse or partner. All nine life dimensions are involved and affected positively, some more so than others, but all play a role.
  • Network of close friends. Primarily social, emotional, intellectual, and physical affected positively. Could involve occupational, if your close friends are also co-workers. Could involve environmental as well. Aging could play a role, if ages are quite different between friends. So could spiritual.
  • Enjoyable and fulfilling job or career. Primarily social, emotional, intellectual, physical, environmental, aging, genetics, and occupational, are affected positively. Could involve spiritual, depending on how you relax and re-center yourself (meditation, deep breathing).
  • Enough money. Lack of money can negatively affect all the dimensions, but too much money can also affect all the dimensions negatively too. Money is relative, what is not enough money for one, can just as easily be more than enough for someone else.
  • Regular and moderate exercise. Without a doubt affects all the dimensions in a positive way.

    meaningful satisfying career
    meaningful satisfying career
  • Sufficient regularly scheduled restful sleep. Effects all the dimensions positively.
  • Spiritual, meditation, or religious belief. Has a positive bearing on all the dimensions, particularly meditation, and mindful exercise.
  • Fun time and leisure time. For the most part, will affect all the dimensions positively, even genetics is affected.
  • Healthy self-esteem. Primarily social, emotional, occupational, spiritual, physical, intellectual, aging, and genetics.
  • Optimistic outlook and a positive attitude. Without question, all the dimensions are affected positively.
  • Realistic and achievable goals. Affects all dimensions positively. Conversely, unrealistic goals will affect all the dimensions in a harmful manner.
  • Sense of purpose and meaning. Once again, all the dimensions are affected positively.
  • A sense of belonging. Absolutely all the dimensions are affected positively, even genetics.
  • Ability to adjust and make changes. All the dimensions are affected positively.
  • Live in a fair Democratic society. All the dimensions are affected positively.
  • Having a mindset of gratitude and appreciation. Absolutely all nine dimensions affected positively.
  • Volunteering for worthwhile causes. Affects all the dimensions affected positively.
  • A nutritious diet once again, all the dimensions are affected in a positive way.
  • Supplementing your diet with a natural Adaptogen Peruvian Maca. Without question, all the dimensions affected positively.
optimistic attitude

As you can readily see, the above factors, or choices, or “ways of life”, have a huge positive impact on your overall health and well being. Practicing all the above outlined activities routinely, and maintaining certain attitudes, are the surest way to achieving and maintaining your overall health and well being. The above practices should also drive home in a convincing way, how all the nine dimensions are truly inter-related, dependent on, and must be in balance with each other.

To be more specific, all aspects of your life are influenced, either by being enhanced, or being negatively effected. A quick example, would be, a great job or career, provides not only money to live comfortably, but also provides purpose, fulfillment, enjoyment, attitude, gratitude, self-esteem, positive results, friendships, a sense of belonging, and a healthy intimate relationship and a happy home.

Some activities or dimensions makeup for other lacking activities or dimension up to a point. As an example, a great marriage can compensate for the lack of good friends, while religious beliefs, may help a person comes to terms with physical illness or chronic disease.

Money Is Not The Key

Money is linked to health and well being, because having enough money improves living conditions and increases

Roll Of Money Is Not Everything
social status. However, happiness may improve with more income, but not necessarily. Many people, particularly the ones who have never had much money, believe wealth is a fast track to happiness, and a great life.  But, that’s far from the truth. Numerous studies over time has shown that it is the quality of your personal relationships, your sense of belonging, your healthy self-esteem, your optimistic outlook, and your sense of purpose and meaning, not your bank account, that has the biggest positive influence on your overall health and well being.

Believing that money is the key to happiness is a mistake in judgment, and because it’s a miscalculation, it can falsely affect, or disappoint you, affecting you negatively in so many ways, and in turn, affect your health and well being. Let’s look at an example. By being misinformed and choosing to work all the time in order to obtain riches, your relationship with your intimate one and your family, your friends, would be effected. So would your leisure and enjoyment activities, as they would suffer too.

The added stressors of working excessive hours will not only harms you physically, emotionally, and socially, but also reduces your life satisfaction. Research shows that people who pursue ‘extrinsic’ goals like money, or fame, or position, are more anxious, more depressed, and more dissatisfied, than people who value ‘intrinsic’ goals, like close relationships with love ones, close friends, and peers.

Health And Well Being Can Be Elusive At Times

I know health and well being is very important to you, but sometimes maintaining it can get lost in the suffle of everyday-life. Am I right? And, once it gets away, it takes a huge effort to restore it, because it can get very complicated understanding what actually was the root cause. One interesting psychological study in mental health discovered that, while three out of four respondents said he or she was depressed, only one in four in the same respondents said he or she was happy. It’s really not surprising, the rest of the respondents weren’t really sure, and they fell

moderate healthy exercise

somewhere in between happy and depressed.

A recent consumer study also revealed on health and well being:

  • 58% hoped they could actually spend more time on improving their health and well being’
  • 79% of parents with children less than eighteen years of age, hoped they could spend more time on improving their health and well being.
  • 86% are prepared to spend money for products and services that enhance their feelings of health and well being.

So, it’s pretty obvious, health and well being, and the difficulty in understanding and maintaining it, is the feelings of a huge slice of the population.

Determining The Health and Well Being Of A Given Population

Officially measuring the health and well being in a certain population, and what each individual thinks about what is natural health, is very difficult because the interpretation is so subjective. It’s in the eye of the beholder, what he or she is experiencing and how he or she reacts to life, versus how someone else feels, largely depends on how you see it. Like the old saying goes, “One person’s problem, is another person’s challenge.”

Many researchers attempt to measure health and well being by living conditions. A typical approach is to count the number of individuals affected by a particular factor. Many factors used by researchers are, for the most part, based on these criteria:

  • Have Cancer or a chronic disease, or the absence of illness and disease.

    fresh nutritious veggies
  • Are single, married, widowed, or divorced.
  • Exercise on a regular basis or mostly inactive.
  • Smoking or non-smokers
  • Drink adult beverages or non-drinkers.
  • Are employed or unemployed.
  • Are victim of crimes or non-victims
  • Are unable to read or write, or literate

Determining a population’s health and well being assists governments to decide on particular social policies. As an example, knowing the weekly income average, helps to set a ‘poverty line’, which determines social welfare reform. Results of research tend to differ depending on what was measured. One survey on young people may reveal eight out of every ten surveyed, reported feelings of being satisfied with their lives, including their work or careers, studies, and income, and another study may show five out of ten reported being satisfied.

As revealed above, a positive results in one survey can be contradicted by a previous study, which found that less than 50% are struggling with difficult problems, such as depression, or alcohol abuse. Health and well being is a nebulous concept that is really difficult to come up with absolutes with graphs, charts, and statistics, because in reality, how one person is affected by a certain factor, another person could have a completely different reaction to the same factor.

A True Plan To Your Health And Well Being

  • Develop and maintain strong, positive relationships with your intimate one, family, friends, and co-workers.

    happiness is gratitude
  • Make regular time available for social engagement.
  • Pursue work or a career that is enjoyable and meaningful and satisfying.
  • (*)Participate in regular and moderate exercise and some form of sports.
  • Have fun and participate in activities that you have interests in.
  • Join local clubs, or organizations that appeal to you.
  • Do volunteer work in the community.
  • Set achievable and worthwhile goals.
  • Be optimistic and enjoy each and every day.
  • Increase your knowledge, be creative, or learn a new skill on a regular basis.
  • Be mindful of self by practicing meditation, or some form of relaxation and regeneration.
  • Spend time with your pet(s) everyday.
  • Spend time in nature on a regular basis.
  • Live for the moment, not in the past, or concern for the future.
  • (**)Get sufficient restful sleep on a schedule (minimum of seven hours a night).
  • Have the mindset of being grateful, gracious, and understanding.
  • Maintain open lines of communications with everyone.
  • (***)Eat fresh, wholesome, well-balanced nutritious foods.
  • (****)Supplement your diet daily with a natural Adaptogen Peruvian Maca.

Take Immediate Action

Maca red, black, yellow root plant

It’s your choice, and it’s in your own hands, to choose to take action now that you have really learned what is natural health, and how to achieve and maintain it.  Make the decision to secure your own overall health and well being, not only for yourself, but for all your love ones. 

(*) Read this article, “What Is Sustainable Energy?”, to learn about a great physical activity program and it’s health benefits.

(**) Getting the minimum amount of seven hours of restful sleep can be a huge challenge for many of us. It’s been brought to my attention that there is a special blanket that will bring you into a state of total relaxation, allowing for totally restful beneficial sleep. It’s called the GRAVITY BLANKET, for adults to reduce anxiety, stress, ADHD, Autism, and insomnia, promoting healthy, natural, and restful sleep. Check it out. To learn more about relaxing and getting healthy and restful sleep, read this article, “So What Is Sleep About?”

(***) Eating fresh, nutritious, well balanced, certified organic, non-GMO (non-genetically modified) foods, such as lean grass-fed meats such as beef and bison, free-range pork, lamb, and poultry including chicken, turkey and duck, cold-water, or wild-caught fish and seafood, fruits, vegetables, low-fat diary, and organic whole-grains, nuts and seeds, and grass-fed (cage-free) organic eggs, is one of the most important things you can do to promote overall health and well being. This review, “What Is In Maca Root“, covers the subject in detail.

(****) For more in depth information on the incredible Adaptogen Maca, or to purchase it, look at these reviews:

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