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One of the nine facets or dimensions of your overall optimum health, is your well-balanced social intelligence. So, what is social intelligence about? Generally, when your social intelligence is healthy and in balance with the other eight dimensions, it effects you in a very positive and healthy way, You experience the presence of your positive emotions and moods, such as contentment and happiness, and your negative emotions, such as anxiety and depression, are no longer present.

You enjoy satisfaction and fulfilment with life, because of positive thoughts and actions, while you experience feelings that are completely healthy and full of energy. You also possess the ability to be able to live a life where you feel a sense of belonging and social inclusion. You, and I, and everyone else, are social creatures, who are mutually dependent on others, as others are on you. A socialable person is a supported person in society. It involves you building a life-long, stable, peaceful, reciprocal, and positive relationships with others.

Wikipedia’s definition of social intelligence is, “is the capacity to know oneself and to know others, an aggregated measures of self and social awareness, evolved social beliefs and attitudes, and a capacity and appetite to manage complex social chances. Psychologists Nicholas Humphrey believes that it is a social intelligence, rather than quantitative intelligence, that defines who we are as humans.” Read more on social intelligence from Wikipedia here.

You and everyone needs love. But, we also all have a desire to give love, as well. Lifestyle, ways of living together, values and moral beliefs, traditions, customs, healthy physical environment and stable ecosystem, and shelter, are all important to your social intelligence, and your overall optimum health. Involvement in your own culture can be very rewarding, giving you an opportunity to retain, interpret, and express the arts, history, culture, heritage, and traditions. Participating in various cultural activities in your community, is not only conducive for optimum health, but, will also improve your life satisfaction and happiness, and your inner peace.

Not only will your social intelligence have a positive impact on you internally and emotionally, social contacts and activities are beneficial in building your career, and encouraging your own creativity and expression. It’s important you participate in other diverse cultural activities other than your own, because it will provide opportunities to obtain a wider, more diverse social knowledge, and worldly experience.

Being completely alone is not ever healthy.  Lack of social networking effects you negatively, not only by you feeling alone, but also, you not having support of others, such as family and friends, in your life. Of course, you need time to yourself occasionally, for being mindful, for meditation, for reflection, and for rest and relaxation. However, complete solitude can cause psychological damage, that could include hullcinations, panic attacks, paranoia, lack of impulse control, hypersensitivity, and the loss of memory, recall, and concentration.  For more information on how to achieve and maintain a good social life, read this article “How To Social Network.”

Being able to maintain higher levels of overall social well being are associated with decreased risk of disease, illness and injury, better immune resistance, speedier recovery and healing, and increased life longevity. If you are able to maintain this higher level of social intelligence, you will become more productive in your career and more likely to contribute beneficially to your community.

As we already know, optimum health is so much more than absence of disease. It is a state you achieve that allows you to realize your dreams and aspirations, satisfying your needs, and you having the ability to cope with your environment, in order for you to live a long, productive, and fruitful life.

The external factors which affect your social well being, are intelligence, morals, taught values, or your upbringing,

facets of healthy culture

empathy, altruism, ability to adapt to change, freedom, trust, and equal rights. It is a proven fact statistically, good, strong relationships will bring you happiness and you will live a longer and healthier life. Regular and positive social contact, honesty and open communication with your significant other, with your family, with your close friends, your neighbors, your coworkers, will result in you maintaining your social well being and overall health. In addition, regular participation in sports clubs or a gym, volunteer groups, churches, dinner parties, special interest groups, community organizations, hobby groups, are desirable and beneficial.

Understanding what is social intelligence about, is you understanding the role and status in your community, and the importance it plays in maintaining your social healthy and well being state. When I say social status, I am referring to your acceptance into your community because of the trust and companionship you have built in the community, as a result of your actions and contributions, not because you earned your status because of monetary or material wealth. The real status and real value, I am talking about is the trust, respect, and appreciation you have gained from others in your community. When you reach your potential to be the best you can be, achieve what you want out of life, and know all things are going well, you know you have arrived.

Here is an interesting statistic. Young people and older adults have a higher, more stable and balanced social well being, than middle-aged adults. Why do you suppose that true? I would be interested in your feedback.

The Problem and the Challenge

So, you have made a commitment to balance and strengthen your social well being. You and your spouse have committed to strengthen your relationship. You are both openly communicating, cooperating with each other, and assisting each other. You are spending more time with your children. You’ve joined the softball team to be with some of your closest friends. You have volunteered some of your time to assist your community church. You are visiting your local gym in order to get some physical exercise. But, you are also eating on the run in fast foods places, because of time constraints. Everything is moving along fine, at least you think?.

Then, all of a sudden, without warning, you hit a wall! You are having trouble concentrating at work, falling asleep at

totally exhausted-and stressed

1:00 in the afternoon at your desk, and you’re to tired to communicate with your spouse. So you go silent, placing a strain on the relationship with your wife. Instead of turning the alarm off at 6 am and heading to the gym to exercise, you roll over and fall back to sleep because you are exhausted, because you sleep restless all night, waking up several times during the night. Your stress levels are reaching the breaking point, your energy level has become completely depleted, your eyes are blurry, your emotional and mental state have become negative, and you have come to the conclusion, there are not enough hours in the day, to achieve all you need to do.

You loose your motivation, because it’s become to tiring and burdensome to continue at this present pace. You are completely stressed out!  Go here to learn a solution to your stress, and to get two free gifts.  You are eating even less healthier too, because you have had to eat more fast foods, processed foods, and frozen meals, full of high fats, high sugars, high salts, and depleted of nutrients, because of time restraints, compounding the problem. So, what are you to do?

The Solution

First and most important, you should make a conscience effect to eat (and your family) the freshest, organic, well-balanced, nutritious foods you can get your hands on. Find

fresh veggies
fresh veggies

a farmers’ market to buy fresh organic fruits and veggies. Find a specialty market where you can buy fresh, organic, grass-fed lean beef, free-range poultry, and cold-water fish and seafood.  For more detailed information on nutritious foods, read this review WHAT IS IN MACA ROOT?

Limit you and your family’s intake of fast foods, processed foods, and frozen meals or precooked foods, and start preparing fresh healthy and balanced meals for you and your family, at least once a day. As a quick review, modern food industry standards and practices do not supply the general public with foods high in nutritious value. In fact, as a general rule, as much as 35% of the nutritional value of the foods, available for the general public, is lost, because of the time involved from the farm and it reaches your grocery shelves.

Then, you should supplement your diet and your family’s diet, daily with the natural, organic, nutritious, whole-food Adaptogen Peruvian Maca. Maca is a natural superfood and is a rich nutritious source of protein, fats and fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, trace elements, phyonutrients, twenty amino acids, and antioxidants.

This superfood increases physical and mental energy and will be noticed almost immediately by you, providing you the sufficient physical energy, stamina, endurance, and mental sharpness, increased memory, and recall, in order to cope with modern-day stressors and challenges.

As an Adaptogen, Maca assist your body in boosting your ability to resist stress, illness, and disease. Helps you strengthen bones and teeth, improves you healing process, promotes good prostrate health, and helps to restore red blood cells, prevents anemia, helps maintain good alkalinity balance, and cardiovascular disease. Maca is also good for skin issues, aiding in clearing acne and blemishes, and strengthening your skin’s sensitivity to extreme temperature changes.

fresh red maca the Superfood

This natural healer promotes hormone balance in your Endocrine System, regulating and balancing your hormones, balances your emotional and mental state, eliminating symptoms like anxiety, uncontrolled stress, depression, mood swings, and loss of memory.  Most importantly, it will supply you with enough energy in building your social network, and long, lasting relationships, and your social networking experiences will always be positive and healthy, as a result. 

Now that you have learned what is social intelligence about, what are you going to do about your own situation? Are you ready to take action? If you are ready to try it, read this review first and you can purchase Maca there, “How To Relieve Stress From: Hormonal Imbalance.” Should you have any questions or comments, please contact me below.