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What is social networking for? Social networking is very popular, it’s the craze, as you know, virtually everyone is a member of Facebook, or Twitter, or any of the other social networks. I mean, who’s following who? Right? According to the National Wellness Institute (NWI), to define social health and optimal living, is not only the absence of illness and infirmity, but includes the interrelationship and inter-reaction of many different conditions, or dimensions, coexisting in your life and continually affecting you either positively or negatively.

It involves a holistic approach in you developing your social well being and lifestyle, by making social connections.   You goal should be developing a multi-dimensional, healthy, well-balanced state resulting in optimum living.  The NWI concluded over a half century ago the following:

1.  You make a conscious, self-directing and evolving process of achieving full potential…………. 

2.  You contribute to your environment and community, have better living spaces and social networks……

3.  You enjoy an enrichment of life through work and play, with it’s interconnectedness to living and playing…

4.  You develop a belief system, along with values, and develop a world-wide view…….

5.  You develop self-esteem, self-control, and have determination and a sense of direction……

6.  You are creative having stimulating mental activities, and eager to share your experiences with others…..

7.   You have good behavioral habits, routine physical activity, consume fresh and nutritious foods, maintain 

strength and vitality, as well, as personal responsibility, self-care and treating illness………

Wikipedia describes a social network this way: “a social network is a social structure made up of a set of social actors, either individuals or organizations, sets of dyadic ties, and other social interactions between actors.” To get additional Wikipedia information on social network, read here.

You learned in the last article that there are nine different dimensions coexisting in your life, and hopefully all in balance with each other.  These dimensions are genetics, aging, social, occupational, physical, intellectual, environmental, emotional, and spiritual.  You also learned that you have some control of your genetics, depending on the lifestyle you live, although, heredity is transferred to you by your genes (your DNA) at conception.  It’s important to correct and make changes in all the life dimensions, striving to keep your life healthy and in balance.

Delving into your social well being

Your social well being is when you have a sense of belonging, and feel included, connected, and supported in society.  As we continue to define social health and well being, we define it as a lifestyle in which you enjoy strong, personal, healthy relationships.  It’s a recognized value system that you strictly adhere to.  It’s you practicing your traditions and customs.  Involvement in your own culture can be very rewarding, giving freedom to practice , interpret, and express the arts, history, heritage, religion, traditions, and customs, bringing you creativity and expression, and improving your life and health.

Being optimistic, or maintaining a positive attitude about yourself and others and surroundings, and associating with like-minded people, goes a long way in keeping you in natural balance.  When all of your dimensions are in balance, you will be much better equipped to deal with life’s stresses and challenges.  As you know, not all stress is considered bad, however, if you are experiencing any imbalance, even good stress can tend to overwhelm you, at times.  Inability to deal with stress can affect you physically, mentally, and emotionally, and could manifest in symptoms such as insomnia, digestive problems, depression, and heart disease, to name only a few.

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As a human being you were born to socialize and interreact with other people, and to belong, to be part of a family,  a circle of close friends, member of clubs, teams, and organizations.   How do you improve on your social relationships?  Here’s something really simple you can do.   Invite your spouse, your child or children,  your close friend or friends for a walk down a wooded trail, up a mountain, around a lake, on a boat out in the water, or wherever, as long as it is out in nature some where, and relax and communicate.

Enjoy the peacefulness and quiet of nature, and the other inhabitants of nature, and the realization you are only a small part of something much greater.  Break away from the technical, complicated side of your life, by leaving your cell phones at home or in the car.  Or join a club or a group, or an organization having similar interests as you.  Plan healthy regular family dinner meals, at a specific time and have them at your kitchen table, or the dining table–no cell phones allowed and everyone present. No exceptions.  If you don’t have a family, experience it with close friends.

Make an effort to be kind, considerate, compassionate, forgiving, grateful, and less judgmental.  It’s easier than you think.  It just takes a little effort and understanding.  When you exhibit these wonderful qualities to others, you will be amazed and probably surprised, because, it will most likely be given back to you, through consideration and with compassion by others.   You may be easily forgiven, or given the benefit of doubt, even trusted.  If you are all alone, learn to meditate and a deep-breathing exercise, to relax.  If you are a Christian, read scriptures, or even try singing.  Yes, singing, singing releases natural endorphins in the brain, bringing you energy, joy, peace, and tranquility.

A balanced social well being means having a satisfying, meaningful, rewarding occupation.  It means being a good and responsible parent, or a trusting good friend.  It means having hobbies and interests which are enjoyable and rewarding to you, and suitable to your skills and talents.  It means being optimistic and maintaining a positive attitude, reducing less harmful stress in your life, and unwanted unhappiness.

Always be willing to learn something new, and don’t ever be afraid of openly communicating, because it will prevent misunderstandings and disagreements.  By keeping your mind being mentally alert, you will have good memory and recall, because you will be relatively free of cognitive disorders.  Participate in creative activities, always seek new knowledge and instruction, and remain open-minded to others and the others’ opinions and observations.  I didn’t say you had to agree with others’ opinions or observations, you may not?  But, you can at least give the time to listen and give it consideration.  Who knows, you might even get a revelation, and a new perspectivethe.

Get back to nature.  Take your shoes off and walk bare-footed on the grass or in the dirt, or get your hands dirty by

girl in nature

planting a tree or a flowering plant. Talk to nature’s inhabitants, or smell the wildflowers, which will help you to reflect on the much larger picture, because you will be connecting with something much larger than yourself.  Experience and cherish your amazing, and restorative sense of social well being, your feeling of optimum health, from your nature experience.  How do you maintain your social well being?   Visit the great outdoors frequently, and especially when you are feeling unwanted stress.

Take back control of your own life, now that you’ve learned the importance of what is social networking for, and how to apply it in your life.  Feeling physically ill can be  a major negative contributor to your overall social well being, because if you have physical ailments and don’t feel physically healthy, it will directly influence and negatively affect all the other life dimensions. 

It is vitally important for you to implement regular physical activity, for you to get plenty of rest and sleep so your body can rejuvenate, for you to consume the freshest, wholesome, organic, non-GMO, nutritional food you can locate, and for you to routinely supplement your diet with  the Super Food Adaptogen, Peruvian Maca. For more in depth information on social health and well being, read this article, “What Is Social Intelligence About?

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Make Changes

What is social networking for? Now you know the true meaning and importance of social networking, and, the importance of building strong, healthy relationships in your life, and how it affects you in such a beneficial way, improving your overall health and emotional well being. Apply the simple and basic principles outlined here for balancing all nine dimensions in your life, and enjoy overall

holistic health the whole package

optimum health because it will be very satisfying and self-evident to you, when you do it.  You should always remember each of the nine dimensions interact and are dependent on, and directly affected by each other, and the challenge is to keep all of them in balance. It’s no different than having a weak link in a chain.  The whole chain will be affected in terms of strength or performance, regardless of where the weak link occurs in the chain. 

It is very simple, don’t make it complicated, make the necessary change, or changes!  Once you define your social health and come to your conclusions, I would be interested in hearing from you.  If you need more information, or purchase the Peruvian Adaptogen Maca, you’ll want to read the following reviews: “What’s Healthy Living“, and “What Is In Maca Root?”

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