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The physical and psychological benefits of the incredible Adaptogen Maca plant are many and wide-ranging. Today, I want to cover what is stress relief and how to achieve and maintain it using a natural remedy for hormonal imbalance, which is associated with your body’s endocrine System and all its hormones.

Here is Wikipedia’s definition of stress.  In Psychology, stress is a feeling of strain and pressure.  Stress is a type of psychological pain.  Small amounts of stress may be desired, beneficial, and even helpful.  Positive stress helps improve athletic performance.  It also plays a role in motivation, adaptation, and reaction to the environment.  Excessive amounts of stress, however, may lead to bodily harm.  Stress can increase the risk of strokes, heart attacks, ulcers, and mental illnesses, such as depression.  For more information from Wikipedia on stress and its harmful effects, read here.


pineal, hypothalamus, and pituitary glands

Your endocrine System is a group of glands that produce chemical hormones that act as “messengers” for regulating all bodily functions. These various hormones are responsible for providing a diverse set of required actions and physiological processes in your body, and then these hormones are released by the various glands, traveling in your blood stream throughout your body to organs and tissue. The different processes regulate such things like metabolism, energy, growth, brain function, body temperature, sexual development, well being, memory, and attitude.

The Adaptogen Maca root is not a hormone in itself, but it contains a unique set of nutrients which assists and supports and regulates your endocrine System and all the hormones, allowing them to function efficiently, in a normal way, and in balance.

Herbal Adaptogens like Peruvian Maca, are able to change the imbalance of hormones in your endocrine System, assisting your body to “adapt” to acute conditions such as chronic stress and illness. Stress has three levels. Short-term stress, like you see a snake, or you see a car accident happen right in front of you, The stress happens quick and you respond quickly, returning almost immediately to normal hormonal levels. Intermediate stress, moving into chronic stress, increases the use of hormones such as cortisol and adrenalin temporally depleting them, causing hormone imbalance. And, finally, the chronic stage, adrenal exhaustion, in which your body’s hormones are depleted and out of balance, causing fatigue and exhaustion, with little chance to return to the normal balance of bodily functions anytime soon. This is where you need assistance the most.

What also occurs is your bodily functions, such as metabolism, kidney functions, digestion, and mood are affected, as well. Side effects may include fluid retention, constant anxiety, abdominal upset and pain, ulcers, weight gain, and lower immunity, further complicating and adding to the chronic stress already present. So, here is the answer to what is stress relief?  The Adaptogen Maca root can assist your body to “adapt” and replenish your hormones, and in turn bring your hormones back to the proper balance, reducing chronic stress, anxiety, and fatigue. For more information on hormone imbalance due to stress, read this review HOW TO RELIEVE STRESS FROM: HORMONAL IMBALANCE.

stress curve leading to chronic stress

What is stress relief? Unlike Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT), or drugs like antidepressants, which only mask the symptoms, this Adaptogen, and its natural remedies for hormonal imbalance, enables your body to tone down the areas of the brain and the Hypothalamus, Pituitary, and Adrenal Glands, to regulate and support the production of the many different hormones, increasing or decreasing their levels, until there is equilibrium and your body is provided with what it requires. Your body adapts to acute stress levels and anxiety and returns to normal without suffering more serious damage to your cardiovascular system, your respiratory system, lymphatic and nervous system, for example. This is true stress relief!

This healing Adaptogen can actually increase your body’s ability to provide more estrogen if it is too low, assisting in balancing and reducing symptoms associated with menopause and peri-menopause. Symptoms caused by menopause such as hot flashes, night sweats, depression, insomnia, nervousness, and anxiety, as well as, lack of memory, recall, and concentration, are very common. This healing plant contains the proper formulation of plant sterols responsible for making the necessary corrections in terms of regulating function of the Adrenal, Ovarian, Pineal, and Thyroid glands.

Women with over-active thyroid should exercise caution in taking this healing food, particularly, at first, and monitor any noticeable changes, because you could experience some mild, undesirable side effects with its use. On the beneficial side, however, it contains Iodine which is very good for optimizing the thyroid function. If you should experience some side effects, it would be a simple matter of using a different form of the healing plant.

Another area of concern for women is their menstrual cycle and the negative side effects, because of the fluxuation of estrogen levels at the start of the cycle, having a low level of estrogen, then at the mid-cycle, estrogen levels increase ten times as much, and then at the end of the cycle, plummeting again. Your hormonal imbalance of rising and falling of estrogen levels can be leveled out with the use of this Adaptogen, reducing symptoms such as mood swings, fluid retention, and breast tenderness.

This Adaptogen Maca root action can also influence and regulate hormones associated with fertility, actually

raw yellow and red maca

boosting fertility. Women with estrogen-sensitive conditions such as receptor positive breasts, Ovarian or Uterine Cancer, should avoid using this Adaptogen, or any Adaptogen, without seeking medical advice.

This healing plant’s aphrodisiac effect is not completely understood. However, it is believed and supported by research that it’s ability to improve libido and virility, is due to two unique plant substances named Macaeness and macamides, which are not found in any other plant species. These unique substances are long-chain fatty acids, and have shown in lab tests to increase sexual activity, particularly in men, correcting mild erectile dysfunction and also increases testosterone levels. This healing plant also contains chemical compounds associated with triggering pleasure signals in your brain.

healthy happy woman

One final point, chronic stress is the main culprit in triggering hormonal imbalance, but I also want to stress, that poor, or low nutritional diet, which is the case with millions of Americans, helps create the stressors that are responsible, particularly with the use of energy-draining substances such as coffee, high sugars, and wheat products, for hormone imbalance.

This Adaptogen Maca root is a natural, certified organic, non-GMO, nutritious, and complete, almost perfectly-balanced whole food, for supplementing your diet with the proper nutrition. For more information on the amazing Maca plant, and all of its many wide-ranging benefits, read WHAT IS IN MACA ROOT? Also in this review, you will learn about the types of nutritional foods you should be purchasing for you and your family, and where you can purchase them. These nutritional foods include fresh, certified organic, non-GMO, lean grass-fed beef, free-range poultry, pork, and lamb, and, also, cold water fish and seafood.

We Are Talking About Restorative Health Here!  What we are talking about is, what is stress relief and how to achieve it, through effective programs that will allow you to achieve overall health and well being, not to mention, helping you heal the most dreadful symptoms of menopause with natural, safe solutions.

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