What’s emotional intelligence for? Possessing emotional intelligence means you have the understanding that having and maintaining a well-balanced mental and emotional well being state, is essential in you achieving overall optimum health, because it also means you have eliminated troubling stress in your life.  Can stress cause anxiety and depression in your life?  Absolutely.  It’s worth

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repeating what is a great statement of what optimum health is–

…………………..optimum health is the mental and physical energy, vitality, and resistance to live joyfully in your own body, and face the challenges of life………………………

Here is what Wikipedia says about emotional intelligence: “is the capacity of individuals to recognize their own emotions and those of others, decern between different feelings and label them appropriately, use emotional information to guide thinking and behaviors, and manage and/or adjust emotions to adapt to environment or to achieve one’s goals.” For more information from Wikipedia on emotional intelligence read here.

Not only it is essential that your emotional well being dimension be in balance with itself, but also in sync and balance with your eight other dimension. Briefly, those eight again, are social, physical, spiritual, occupational, environmental, intellectual, aging, and genetics. Maintaining a positive mentally-balanced attitude, , is vitally important, because it allows you to realize your full potential, your ability to cope with life stresses, your career demands, unexpected disappointments, challenges, and other traumatic events which will occur, usually when you least expect it, throughout your life. It’s your ability to remain positive and enjoy life despite it’s occasional disappointments and frustrations.

You being emotionally balanced, or, achieving emotional well being, involves you being dedicated to your self-care, relaxation, stress reduction, usually being the main harmful culprit, and being able to cultivate your inner strength. It is you having the ability to address and understand both positive and negative feelings, and develop successful ways to change your emotions from negative to positive, by you understanding that your negative experiences, could eventually result into being a positive one. Although, initially, a negative experience isn’t a pleasant experience for you, it eventually brought positive results to you because you learned a valuable lesson, or you gained a valuable experience, ultimately, bringing you positive results, and a new positive outlook.

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What’s emotional intelligence for? You have learned having emotional intelligence means You having a balanced emotional well being state, where you are in control of all of your thoughts, your feelings, and your behavior. You are able to cope with, and be in control of, all what life has to throw at you. You are able to keep problems and challenges in perspective, and, as quickly as possible, you search for and find solutions for the long-term to avoid future setbacks.

You being unbalanced emotionally, or you experiencing anxiety, or you experiencing reoccurring bad moods, and, or your lack of impulse control, are all negative behavioral disorders. These disorders are closely related to, and major contributors to even greater risk behaviors such as using and abusing tobacco, drugs, and alcohol, which only compounds the problems you are already facing. Other signs of your emotional well being, in being out of balance, could be you participating in risky sexual behavior, domestic violence, and other acute physical conditions that can occur. Conditions such as headaches, poor digestion, sleep disturbances, and long term uncontrolled disorders, can also develop, such high anxiety, depression, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, and premature death.

You should readily see that you being out of balance emotionally can directly affect your physical well being, as outlined above. Not to mention, how it will also affect all of your other life dimensions, possibly harmfully affecting them, as well, and causing them to become out of balance too..

The Endrocrine System and Harmonal Imbalance

The Endocrine System consists of glands that produce and secret hormones, which are chemical substances produced by your body, which regulate the activities of your cells and organs. Hormones impact and regulate virtually every function in your body, such as metabolism, appetite, cell growth and development, sexual function and fertility, and also regulate mood and emotions, and sleep cycles, are well.

Hormones imbalance can result in symptoms such as hot flashes, night sweats, PMS, irregular periods, headaches and migraines, emotional instability, irritability, anxiety, chronic stress levels, fluctuating body temperature, long-term fatigue, and depression. Other side effects you might experience are forgetfulness, blurred vision, thinning or brittle hair, trouble concentrating, light headiness, weight gain, insomnia, fatigue, joint pain, irregular heart rate and palpitations, and abdominal bloating. Men, in particular, may experience decline in sex drive, or difficulty in achieving erections, or loss of muscle mass, or lack of energy and endurance, or weight gain in abdomen, or depression, or loss of concentration, or lower self-confidence.

Without getting to technical, hormonal imbalance occurs when there is too much or too little of a particular hormone secreted in the bloodstream. Hormones play such a significant and essential role in regulating bodily functions, even small imbalances can cause many different negative side effects and havoc throughout the body.

Common causes of hormonal imbalance are uncontrollable, chronic or extreme stress, Diabetes, Hypoglycemia, overactive thyroid, under active thyroid, poor diet or lack of nutrition, being overweight, abuse of steroids, over exposure to toxins or pollutants, infections, and chronic allergies.

A Practical Solution

A well-devised plan should be followed to restore your emotional well being as follows:

  1. You should develop a mental attitude of remaining positive, even in a negative situation.
  2. Accept that you and everyone else makes mistakes from time to time, simply learn from them and move on.

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  3. Know that all things change, when you are in a crisis, work through it and know it will get better.
  4. Don’t you do it alone, seek help from family, friends, or professional help, if necessary.
  5. You should maintain open communication and truthfulness with your partner, family, and close friends.
  6. You should be involved in your community, and extend a helping hand to someone in need.
  7. You should encourage enjoyable and recreational activities with family and friends.
  8. You should eat, as fresh as possible, nutritious, well-balanced foods, and supplement your diet with a natural organic, Adaptogen, Peruvian Maca herb (*).
  9. You should seek medical attention or professional help, if all else fails.

Why supplement your diet with a natural Adaptogen, the very best one world-wide being Maca root?

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Peruvian Maca root helps balance hormones, by nourishing the Endocrine System, and supporting, regulating, and balancing the Adrenal, Pituitary, Hypothalamus, and Thyroid glands. This action allow the various glands to produce the right levels of hormones, distributing them properly, enabling you to overcome physical and psychological stresses, improves recall and concentration, reduces anxiety, regulates mood swings, and other conditions acute stress are responsible for. Some of these conditions include headaches, poor digestion, and sleep disturbances, just to name a few.

So, again, I raise the question, what’s emotional intelligence for? I know you can answer that question now. You can also answer this question. Does stress cause anxiety, depression and many other negative and harmful side affects?  According to The National Statistic Brain Research Institute, 77% of the U.S. population regularly suffer physical symptoms like we’ve discussed, caused by acute stress, and 73% suffer from psychological symptoms.  For more information on emotional well being, read this article IN HEALTH AND IN WELLNESS.

Maca root is rich in beneficial, bio-active plant sterols, which are biochemically related to hormones such as estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone, and is easily assimilated by the human body. Maca root also contains many fatty acids, which are beneficial to the heart, and it appears to help stabilize blood glucose levels and reduce inflammation, as well.  For more in depth information on the many wide-ranging benefits of this incredible natural plant, read this review WHAT IS STRESS RELIEF?.

(*) Eating the proper fresh, organic, well-balanced, nutritious foods are paramount in achieving and maintaining not only your emotional intelligence, but your overall health and well being in every aspect of your life. These nutritious foods include grass-fed lean beef, free-range poultry, free-range pork, cold-water fish, and fruits and veggies. Read this review WHAT IS IN MACA ROOT?, for more information and where to buy these foods from specialty markets. While you’re at it, go ahead and request your two free gifts available in the review. Are you curious?

I know you should have questions, so please list them below and I will address them. If you have comments on balancing your emotional well being, I am interested in hearing them.